Happy Valentines Day

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#SurvivorLoveLetter: Twitterati shower love on sexual assault survivors

The hashtag #SurvivorLoveLetter is being used as people on social media are saying in unison to the survivors that it is all right. Valentine’s Day is all about different forms of love and all need not be in a romantic way.

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Guess who is Mumbai Police’s Valentine? Watch the video to find out

On Valentine’s Day, while lovers were busy expressing love for each other, Mumbai Police too shared a video for their love – Mumbai. Dedicated to the city, the video traces the moments and instances for which Mumbai Police is grateful to the city and its people.

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VIDEO: This Valentine’s Day, these two poems will give you a fresh perspective on love

Busy celebrating Valentine’s Day? Presenting a fresh perspective to romance, here are two poems — that may be different in context, content and language — but unite in their alternative way of viewing love.

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On Valentine’s Day, couples share love stories with #WeMetOnTwitter; others share jokes

To chronicle love stories that began on social media, Twitter started the hashtag #WeMetOnTwitter, asking users all across the globe to post how they met their “friend, significant other, business partner or someone else” on the networking website. 

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WATCH: This video warns you not to believe the couples you see on social media

Are you seeing a lot of mush on social media? Well, there is a vast difference between the way things are depicted on social media and the way things are in reality. And if you do not believe us, then watch this hilarious video that sheds light on how different things are on social media and in reality.

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Valentine’s Day 2018: Man upholds 39-year-old V-day tradition; triumphs over wife’s battle with Dementia

Valentine’s Day is here and the Internet is filled with romantic couple pictures and captions posted by Netizens. However, here is an old school cute love story that will melt your heart in this season of love.

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Valentine’s Day 2018: Classic love stories from mythologies and folklore

Valentine’s Day 2018: All of us are trying to make our love stories the most special that there is and are celebrating it on February 14. A look back at the mythologies, folklore and literature will reveal that there exist several stories that have upheld the power of love.

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Are you single on Valentine’s Day? Then these tweets are for you

Valentine’s Day 2018: While couples are busy celebrating the day of love, there are also several people who have not found their love or worse might have had a break-up before Valentine’s Day. Amidst all the red balloons and the hearts, those who are single on Valentine’s Day have taken to social media to reveal how they are celebrating this day, or maybe not.

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Valentine’s Day 2018: Here are the funniest desi tweets on the Internet

A quick look through the Internet will show you the atmosphere online is no different this time that last years. While people are busy confessing and celebrating the gift of love this Valentine’s Day off the Internet, the micro-blogging site is brimming with funny jibes and jokes by Twitter users.

Valentine’s Day 2018: 7 romantic novels to curl up with if you are alone on this day

If you happen to be alone on Valentine’s Day and are feeling particularly left out or blue, or just want to read some old classic, do not worry, we have your back. You can always enjoy this day by curling up on the bed with some timeless romance novels.

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Google Doodle celebrates Valentine’s Day 2018, Winter Olympics showing two lovebirds skating together

Google Doodle’s mash-up of Valentine’s Day and Winter Olympic Games’ celebrations shows two lovebirds, named “the Grebes”, taking part in the couple figure skating competition. The lovebirds, who have been skating together ever since they were chicks, gave the crowd goosebumps as they moved in perfect synchronisation.

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Valentine’s Day quotes: Celebrate the day of love in a non-mushy way

February 14 is universally celebrated as Valentine’s Day and lovers not only celebrate this day but also the days leading up to it. Over the years the day has gained much significance and people spend a lot of time preparing for it. We bring to you some non-mushy quotes you can share on this day.

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From shouting ‘Pyaar Ek Dhoka Hai’ to throwing darts at cupid, here’s how singles can celebrate Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, from AIB organising shout-out ‘Pyaar Ek Dhoka Hai’ sessions to aiming darts at Cupid — here is where the real party is for singles. Oh, also, there is a man who is offering ‘Boyfriend rental service’ in NCR. You heard us!

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Valentine’s Day 2018: History of Valentine’s Day, who is St Valentine and Why is Valentine’s Day named after him

Valentine’s Day: For those who don’t know, the day is named after a mysterious saint whose whereabouts are little known. Additionally, the tradition of Valentine’s finds its origins in a Roman pagan festival of fertility known as Lupercalia, dedicated to Faunus, the god of agriculture.

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VIDEO: This Valentine’s Day, take inspiration from these POEMS on love, loss and heartbreak

Love encompasses a myriad of emotions including both liking a person and the subsequent heartbreak. It is difficult to write about all the facets of love, so take inspiration from these videos on Valentine’s Day.