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Happy Holi 2019 Wishes highlights: Mayawati reminds India to vote during the Lok Sabha polls

Happy Holi 2019 Wishes: The festival, usually held over two days, is celebrated by splashing colours, dancing and munching sweets.

Happy Holi 2019: Sportstars wish their fans 'happiness' and 'excitement' on Holi festival

As India celebrates Holi on Thursday, members of the Indian sports fraternity poured their wishes on Twitter urging the citizens to warmly welcome the onset of the new season.


Holi 2019: Google Doodle celebrates the festival of colours

Holi 2019: With a colourful doodle, Google marks the festival of colours which is celebrated to mark the end of winter and the first day of spring.

Happy Holi 2018: Sportstars wish their fans a colourful festival filled 'with love and harmony'

From cricketer Rohit Sharma to wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt and Dipa Karmakar all sent their heartwarming wishes and messages on the festive occasion.

Holi 2018: Celebration Ideas, Party At Home With Kids, Friends and Family

If are you thinking of throwing a party at home this year, fret not! Here are 5 ways you can enjoy the colourful day with your loved ones and get your party started. After all, it's the season to share a few laughs with closed ones and indulge in delicacies.

Holi 2018: How to remove colour from skin and hair after playing Holi

While beautician Shahnaz Husain doles out some home remedies to take care of your skin and hair post Holi celebrations, Dr Anoop Dhir, skin and hair care specialist, Apollo Hospital, Indraprastha, says one should remove colours slowly and not be in a hurry.


From Pakistan, the story of a Muslim boy who loves Holi

"Uncle: Well, we were raised by telling us that Hindu and Muslims can not be together. Me: That is where everything went wrong. Happy Holi!"

Six destinations where Holi is still celebrated in all its traditional grandeur

Visit these places to witness the grand spectacle that is Holi in all its traditional glory.

Google doodle gets splashed in Holi colours

This Holi, Google doodle celebrates the festival with getting splashed in the colours of red, yellow, green and blue.

Rashami Desai, Disha Vakani, Vivian Dsena, Supriya Pilgaonkar: Here's how TV celebs will celebrate Holi

Here is what TV celebs including Rashami Desai, Disha Vakani, Vivian Dsena and Supriya Pilgaonkar have to say about the festival.

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Happy Holi 2019: Sportstars celebrate with loved ones, wish fans happy and safe Holi

As India celebrates Holi on Thursday, members of the Indian sports fraternity poured their wishes on Twitter urging the citizens to warmly welcome the onset of the new season.

Happy Holi: Here's how India is celebrating the festival of colours

With the festive fervour in full swing, Holi is being celebrated across the country, welcoming the spring.


Happy Holi 2018: How the widows of Vrindavan are celebrating the festival of colours

Vrindavan, the land of Krishna’s ‘raas-leela’ with the gopis, is where Holi celebrations start at least a week before the actual festival. Here are some pictures of the widows of Vrindavan celebrating the colourful occasion.

Holi 2018: Stunning photos of how India celebrated the festival of colours

Holi revolves around smearing colours on each others’ faces, splashing people with coloured water, heartily indulging in sweet delicacies and making merry. Here are some photos of Holi celebrations from across India, Nepal and Pakistan.

5 simple ways to help with your Holi bhaang hangover

We know you are going to go overboard on Holi, so here are five things to eat/drink in case things get wobbly the next day.

10 Holi recipes to help you celebrate with fervour

While the Holi festivities will exhaust you thoroughly, recharge yourself and celebrate with these Holi treats.