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For these children from red light area, it was a unique Father’s Day

The project seeks to provide special learning experiences to children who are not able to access the best facilities that more affluent kids get.

My sperm donor dad: Inside the envelope might be the most I would ever know about him

Some experts say there is not enough emphasis on what the child may want to know about the donor. It’s often forgotten, even as some banks begin requiring counseling sessions for parents and donors to prepare them for possible questions.


Father's Day 2019: Date, History, Importance and why we celebrate Father's Day

Happy Father's Day 2019 Date: It is believed that the day was started by an American woman who was raised by her father after she lost her mother.

Fathers, the quiet caregivers who struggle with affection

Affection, like other cousins of love, has its own private language. Unlike the linguistic specificity  of love, whose mere admission serves as manifestation, sometimes, affection eludes such succinct expression.

Happy Father's Day 2019: Wishes Images, Messages, Status, Quotes and Photos for Whatsapp and Facebook

Happy Father's Day 2019 Wishes Images, SMS, Quotes, Messages, Status: While a single day is not enough to express your love to your father, make the most of Father's Day this year.

Father's Day 2019: A dad tells us what he did during his paternity leave

Happy Father's Day: "I don't think the mother is comfortable with any other person holding the child other than the father. It brings a lot of peace of mind and happiness. Also, the mother gets some time to relax which I think is very important."


Father's Day 2019: Five ways expectant dads can prepare for the baby and not feel anxious

Happy Father's Day 2019: As an expectant father, are you feeling nervous about having a baby? Here are some ways suggested by a parenting consultant which can help you deal with it.

Father's Day 2019: Dads tell us how they are spending the day with their kids

Happy Father's Day: On this special day, we asked a former stay-at-home dad, a single dad and an adoptive father how they spend quality time with their children.

Best Father’s Day 2019 tech gift ideas: OnePlus 7, Redmi Note 7 Pro, Galaxy Buds, and more

Father’s Day 2019 Gift Ideas: Here we will be listing all of the best tech gifting options for dads across price segments ahead of Father's Day.

Father's Day 2019: Tofu burger to pasta salad, easy recipes to treat dads on this day

Happy Father's Day: 2019: On this special occasion, celebrate by making these yummy snacks for the father by following these easy recipes.