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Happiness is an attitude and it comes from acceptance: Aisha Chaudhary

Even in death, Aisha continues to inspire and move many young minds.

We all search outside of ourselves for happiness: Nithya Shanti

Shanti draws a parallel with the human desire of seeking happiness in everything but their own selves.


World sinks to 10-year happiness low: Survey

With the number of people who say they feel stressed and worried are rising around the world, World happiness level has dropped to its lowest numbers in the last 10 years.

Striving for happiness can make you sad

For the study, the researchers conducted four studies in which they investigated how the pursuit of happiness as well as the state of being happy influenced people's perception of time.

Mumbai: BMC plans ‘happiness centres’ at 3 locations

The civic body is planning to set up these centers on the lines of a Madhya Pradesh government initiative, which had in 2016 set up a ‘department of happiness’.

Indian women feel positive mindset is part of their beauty: Survey

Indian women are conscious and appreciative of their mental and physical health and believe it to be part of their beauty regime, and are more comfortable in their skin than ever.


Feel good about your looks and enjoy super sex life: Study

According to the researchers, body image is strongly linked to overall life satisfaction and feelings about romantic relationships.

Here's why drinking won't bring long-term happiness

Drinking more does not make people more satisfied with life, but on the contrary, people who become addict are likely to become less satisfied with life.

Whether you are happy or depressed also depends on your genes

A team of researchers have found genetic variants associated with our feelings of well-being, depression and neuroticism.

Can income hike really affect your happiness level?

According to research, income change is only important when individuals with specific personality characteristics experience an income loss.

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Smile therapy! 10 quotes that will make you smile

A smile can do a lot of things apart from making you day. Here're 10 smile mantras you should remember and share.