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Hanuman Jayanti 2019: Enjoy these children’s books on the monkey god

Hanuman, the monkey god, who tried to swallow the sun as a baby is a favourite when it comes to stories of mythological characters for children. Here are some books to enjoy with your kids.

Hanuman Jayanti 2018: History, Importance and Significance

Hanuman Jayanti is the pious day on which Sri Hanuman descended on earth in order to serve the purpose of his eternal master, Lord Ram. He, being an unalloyed devotee of Sri Ram is revered by all Ram bhakts.


Happy Hanuman Jayanti 2018: Wishes, Images, Photos, Greetings, Messages, WhatsApp and Facebook Status

Hanuman Jayanti 2018: It is a pious day on which Hanuman descended on earth to serve the purpose of his eternal master, Lord Ram. To help you wish your loved ones, we have a list of wishes, images, photos, greetings, messages.

Work selflessly, Hanuman never questioned Ram, says PM Narendra Modi

PM stresses on the need for MPs to be disciplined, follow the party line

Of Gods and Mortals

Manjari Sharma on creating a photo series featuring everyday people as deities.

Cops offer cash for tip-off on absconding Sai,aides

Surat police on Saturday declared a prize money of Rs 5 lakh for information on Narayan Sai and Rs 1 lakh each on his aides Jamna and Hanuman.


A Lab for Theatre

With Adishakti's three new plays,all contemporary interpretations of the Ramayana,Mumbai gets a taste of theatre with a difference.

600 dolls that recreate scenes from Ramayana,Mahabharata

Three days before Navratri,Uma Natrajan takes out her most cherished treasure,a huge box of dolls.

Art About

The personal collection of Audrey and Dominic Corda,is on display till April 8 from 11 am to 6 pm at Contemporary Indian Art,Buena Vista,Fatimanagar.

Idol Play

After umpteen cartoons and animation films on mythological characters,Bal Ganesha and Hanuman,that have hit the marquee in the past couple of years,the two have now found their way into the gaming circuit.