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How to pick the right baby shampoo for curly hair

The difficult-to-maintain frizzy hair demands extra attention especially when it comes to children. Curly hair has a lesser amount of moisture as compared to straight hair.

Get healthy, frizz-free tresses this monsoon

Getting drenched in the monsoon is on everybody's to-do list but taking care of damaged hair isn't. Experts suggest tricks to preserve hair's health and avoid damage. Oil massages, a protein rich diet and regular cleansing are of extreme importance.


These genius hacks will help you keep your feet pretty this monsoon

Unhappy with the out of control hair, the monsoon frizz and the stinky feet? Experts suggest steps to avoid these. Coconut oil and a honey mask can nourish the hair and airy footwear help keep smelly feet at bay.

Use natural oils, shampoo regularly for healthy hair in monsoon

Experts suggest the usage of natural oils to tame the frizzy, out of control hair during monsoons. Natural oils should never be used directly on their own, they should always be mixed with a carrier oil for safe usage.

Myths, tips for healthy hair in summer

As summers have set in, dry shampoo is going to be your everyday saviour if you don't have time to wash your hair regularly then dry shampoo will help in hair to not look greasy and matte. Here are some experts tips to keep your hair healthy.

Help your hair, make-up survive the sweaty summer

For the make-up, replace your foundation with a concealer to hide imperfections and feel light. While for your hair, prepare using a cocktail of smoothening and anti-frizz serums to smoothen your hair and get rid of any frizz at the same time.


Holi 2018: How to remove colour from skin and hair after playing Holi

While beautician Shahnaz Husain doles out some home remedies to take care of your skin and hair post Holi celebrations, Dr Anoop Dhir, skin and hair care specialist, Apollo Hospital, Indraprastha, says one should remove colours slowly and not be in a hurry.

Try some homemade hair masks for coloured hair

Egg and honey, banana and milk, mayonnaise, avocado plus almond oil, olive oil and honey, here are five simple home-made hair masks recipes that you can use to keep your locks strong and shiny.

Hair hacks for winter

Here are some tips to take care of your hair during winters. You can opt for hair masks for a silky and smooth hair look. Also, use a broad comb and run through your hair, so that the conditioner covers the entire hair area.

Get ready for monsoon with skin, haircare essentials: Here's how

The one thing that is an absolute must for every person who dreams of naturally glowing skin is drinking an ample amount of water.