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Russians posed as Islamic State hackers, threatened US military wives

North Korean hacking group ‘Reaper’ grows into global threat: FireEye

According to a report by cyber security firm FireEye, a North Korean hacking group, called Reaper, has grown to become a global threat, capable of targeting a variety of sectors.

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City Union Bank hack ‘similar’ to $81 million Bangladesh central bank heist: CEO

City Union Bank CEO N Kamikodi has said that hackers who tried to steal $2 million from the bank used tactics similar to those that led to a $81 million theft from Bangladesh’s central bank.

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Hackers stole $6 million in attack on SWIFT system: Russian central bank

The Russian central bank has claimed that hackers have stolen 339.5 million roubels last year, through the SWIFT payments messaging system.

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Why cryptocurrencies are vulnerable to cyber attacks, hacks

As much as cryptiocurrencies are considered a risk as the rapidly changing values across exchanges have shown, they are also a cyber threat. This is why it is an increasingly popular target of hackers.

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Russia apparently hacking Winter Olympics emails: Report

Russian hackers have struck before the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. The email leak of IOC employees is in retailation to an IOC ban, which prohibits Russian athletes from participating.

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North Korean hackers hijack computers to mine cryptocurrencies

New investigations claim that North Korea has been hacking systems for cryptocurrency, given that international sanctions have tightened over cash and oil supplies.

Russian hackers targeted more than 200 journalists globally

The Associated Press found that Lobkov was targeted by the hacking group known as Fancy Bear in March 2015, nine months before his messages were leaked.

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Russian hackers stole US cyber secrets from NSA: Media reports

Russian government-backed hackers stole highly classified US cyber secrets in 2015 from the National Security Agency after a contractor put information on his home computer, two newspapers reported on Thursday.

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Public charging stations may make your phone vulnerable to hacking

Plugging your smartphone to public charging stations or computers using USB cables can make your device vulnerable to hackers.

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36.6 million data breaches were recorded in India in 2016: Report

According to global digital security firm Gemalto’s ‘Breach Level Index’, identity theft and unauthorised access to financial data were the leading type of data breaches.

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Chinese hackers spied on India for a decade: FireEye report

Hackers, most likely from China, have been spying on governments and businesses in Southeast Asia and India uninterrupted for a decade, says a report by FireEye.

New methods for password protection proposed

Researchers proposed four two-step authentication schemes that could help strength password security.


Indian gamers faced 2,07,245 cyber attacks in 2013: Kaspersky

The cyber security company has identified 4.6 million pieces of gaming focused malware.

Smart TVs,security cams now on hackers’ radar: Symantec

‘Most people continue to use default passwords like ‘1234’ or ‘0000’,which is easy to guess.’

Theatre Academy’s website hacked,‘Pak Zindabad’ message posted

In a cyber defacement attack,some websites were hacked by Pakistan-based hackers.