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Karnataka Polls: Deva Gowda on a strong wicket in Tumkuru

JD(S) supremo HD Deve Gowda's is hoping that if there is a fractured mandate at the centre, his coalition building skills and his son-of-farmer image might help him garner some support for a shot again at the PM's post.

Karnataka verdict: JD(S) — Back with a Bangalore

A hung House and a series of dramatic events have seen the JD(S) take over the reins of the government in Karnataka in alliance with the Congress. JOHNSON T A looks at how the Gowdas, till recently on the precipice of irrelevance, now see a chance to resurrect the party


Karnataka elections: Fear of hung House forces JD(S), BJP to blow hot and cold

Indications that top leaders of both the parties suspect the possibility of a hung Assembly emerged after Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised JD(S) national president H D Devegowda on May 1 in Karnataka and questioned Congress’s attacks on Gowda.

After poor LS polls, JDS plans Lanka holiday to boost party morale

The Sri Lanka sojourn of the JDS is reportedly being sponsored by real estate baron Kupendra Reddy.

Union ministers scrape through, many bigwigs lose

Former BJP chief minister B S Yeddyurappa won by a huge margin of 3.6 lakh votes on his home turf in Shimoga.

JD(S) will be force to reckon with after polls: Gowda

“I am not aspiring to be the Prime Minister. I want to bring my party to power in Karnataka", said Gowde.


Support regional parties if you want change: JD(S)

Former prime minister H D Devegowda inaugurated the event and said the party would do well in the time to come.

Yeddyurappa: 3rd CM from Shimoga not to complete full term

S Bangarappa and J H Patel are the two other leaders who had incomplete terms in office.

Yeddy's revenge: Accuses JD(S) of land-grab

Stronger at the helm,the CM has now charged Oppn with the same crime he has been accused of.

Yeddyurappa trying to buy peace with me,claims Kumaraswamy

Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa had made a vain bid to patch up with him.