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Some quick post-workout snack ideas to keep hunger pangs away

Experts insist on eating a snack — containing both carbohydrate and protein — roughly 30-60 minutes post workout.

Disha Patani does back strengthening exercises in this video; gives major fitness goals

Disha Patani's gym workout video is a must-watch.


This gym in San Francisco lets you work out while playing a video game

Those who come to exercise are given an individual room. There, they are provided with a VR headset and wearable devices. These help in tracking their hand positioning while they work out.

Millennials going overboard to obtain six-pack: Survey

Instead of discussing the issue or seeking advice from their doctors, men often turn to supplements and extreme workout regimens to change their bodies, the findings showed. Millennials going overboard with supplements.

Man dies after AC compressor bursts in Thane

The deceased has been identified as Sageer Ansari, the police said. “Three men were rushed to the hospital, where they were treated and are currently stable,” said the officer.

New to the gym? High-intensity workout may hurt you more than do you good

If you are new to going to the gym, participating in high-intensity 'sprint' classes may increase your performance but might not be healthy for you.


Most people who visit the gym have sex on their minds: Survey

According to an Independent report, nearly 70 percent of women admitted to fantasising about their personal trainer during sex.

Watch: What's the worse that can happen if you disrespect the equipment at the gym?

It's very important to show respect to everyone and everything in life. This video shows you why.

Six, eight-packs are not healthy, says Leena Mogre

"During film shooting there are a lot of devices like lighting, angles and shots through which six and eight-pack abs are enhanced," said Mogre.

DDA to have free open-air gymnasiums in 50 parks

Senior DDA officials said the three parks where the facility will come up are Japanese Park in Rohini, Sanjay Lake in Trilokpuri and Hauz Khas district park.