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Mass shootings in US ignite new calls for gun legislation

For years, gun control advocates have urged the prohibition of semi-automatic assault rifles that fire rapidly and can carry large magazines of ammunition. They were modeled on guns designed for military use.

New Zealand's new gun laws get final assent to take effect

The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed by a final vote of 119 to 1 legislation banning the weapons after an accelerated process of debate and public submission.


Students to walkout across the United States in call for gun reforms

The latest national rally comes more than a month after tens of thousands of students from some 3,000 schools participated in the #ENOUGH National School Walkout to demand that lawmakers seek tighter gun control regulations.

Here is how mass shootings have shaped gun laws in UK, Australia, Germany

Four countries were put through grave mass shootings to bring a radical change in their gun laws. Read about each mass shooting that changed the course of gun laws in the countries. Germany: The teacher asked the gunman to shoot him, to which Steinhäuser replied “Mr. Heise, that’s enough for today.”

Mandatory dope tests for arms licences still not initiated in most of Punjab

As per new Arms rules, an applicant needs to be examined by a medical practitioner for mental health and physical fitness with “specific mention that the applicant is not dependent on intoxicating or narcotic substance”.

US mass shootings and gun control: Here’s how gun laws evolved in the country

“The average New Yorker who carries a pistol cannot hit anything with it. Sudden passion and ready pistols lead to homicides almost innumerable.” - New York Tribune 1866


Barack Obama's move on guns may have only modest effect on violence

The president used his executive authority Tuesday to clarify that anyone "in the business" of selling firearms must obtain a federal license and conduct background checks on prospective buyers, regardless of where the sales take place.

Gun control: Newtown marks 6 months of school shooting which killed 26

The families of the victims and officials will mark the event by raising the pitch for stricter gun laws.

Gun control advocates will visit Washington to mark 6 months of school shooting

The fight for renewed gun laws has become emotional with wounded families joining in the battle.

Survivors of Virginia tech shooting seek changes in gun laws

48,000 Americans will be murdered with a gun in the next president's term if they fail to take action.

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Christchurch mosque shootings: New Zealand lawmakers vote in favour of new gun laws

New Zealand lawmakers on Tuesday voted overwhelmingly in favor of new gun restrictions during the first stage of a bill they hope to rush into law by the end of next week. The bill would ban the types of weapons a gunman used to kill 50 people at two mosques last month.