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Gujarat snooping case: SC to hear suspended IAS officer Sharma's plea in Dec

Sharma's counsel said that very serious revelations have recently come to fore.

SC to consider transferring snooping probe to CBI if Sharma deletes Modi allegations

Pradeep Sharma faces stiff opposition from the Gujarat government, which has filed a number of cases against him, including one for trying to flee the country with a false passport.


Express 5: A snoop case from Gujarat and a spoof from Taiwan

It might be Christmas,but that is no reason to miss these Indian Express specials.

Snoopping row: Gujarat govt says calls not tapped,police has CDRs

The Gujarat government said this in response to a public interest litigation.

Cong: Narendra Modi had close relationship with woman

Gohil says CM got suspicious of her involvement with IAS officer.

Snooping row: 'If govt protecting her,why does Shah say don't let her escape?'

Congress cited excerpts from the purported conversation between Amit Shah and GL Singhal.


'If govt protecting her,why does Amit Shah say don't let her escape?'

Word 'escape' figures four times,and 'trap' once in the purported conversation.

Modi,woman's father and IAS officer crossed paths at Bhuj jewellery market

Around five-six months ago,the girl's parents quietly moved out of Bhuj to Ahmedabad.