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Gujarat Budget: Focus on green energy, farmers and girl child

A green initiative in the budget is of disposing treated chemical effluents of Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Jetpur in deep sea as per the directions of the Supreme Court, at a cost of Rs 2,275 crore.

Vahalee Deekaree Yojana: New scheme to educate girls, improve sex ratio and prevent child marriage in Gujarat

Nitin Patel, who also handles finance portfolio, is likely to ease out the existing Vidyalakshmi bond scheme that had been questioned for its efficacy. The new scheme covers aspects of correcting sex ratio and child marriage, apart from girls' education.


Explained: Why Gujarat Budget puts extra focus on water management, solar energy

Aiming to provide tap water to each and every household by 2022 under "Nal se Jal" scheme, Gujarat has already put in place its treated wastewater reuse policy while eight sea-water desalination plants are in the pipeline.

Gujarat: Water management gets lion's share in Nitin Patel's Rs 2 lakh crore Budget

Besides Rs 7,157 crore has been allocated for Sauni yojana and other water supply schemes. The ambitious Sardar Sarovar Narmada Yojana has been allocated Rs 6,595 crore in the Budget.

Employment is focus of Budget for ‘New Gujarat’

While presenting the Rs 1.83 lakh crore budget, Deputy CM Nitin Patel said in order to 'realise the dream of New Gujarat, it was important that young boys and girls of Gujarat get adequate job opportunities'.

Fairer sex gets the fair share

With 12,29,876.26 crore, education department has made highest provision for women schemes.


Contraceptives, isabgol to be tax-free, tax on technical textiles to fetch Rs 80 crore

“Oral contraceptive pills are presently taxable. These pills are used for the purpose of family planning," said Saurabh Patel.

Rs 9,000-crore fund for Sardar Sarovar dam

The state govt has announced Rs 9,000-cr fund for the project in its budget including Rs 500 cr for its ambitious Statue of Unity project.

Budget plans for country’s biggest gas firm, LNG terminal & sops for MSMEs

The new leadership in Gujarat also announced a scheme to provide incentive to small industries with a provision of Rs 100 crore.

Govt dishes out a populist, industry-friendly budget

A populist and industry friendly Rs 133,465 crore budget introducing new sops for the middle class, agriculturalists, entrepreneurs, women, tribals and OBCs .