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The Upward Push

Increase in infrastructure spending will place the economy on road to higher growth.

Adoption of 3-pronged strategy can ramp up growth trajectory

“First, India has moved away from being reflexively anti-markets and uncritically pro-state to being pro-entrepreneurship and skeptical about the state,” the survey noted.


Indian economy to face challenges in 2014: Standard Chartered

World economic growth is expected after a pick-up in economic activity in the US & Europe.

CAD can be contained at $70 billion this fiscal: Raghuram Rajan

Higher gold imports,slowdown in exports are among main factors in pushing CAD to a record high.

Will contain CAD below USD 70 bn: P Chidambaram

Finance Minister asserts that the government has the capacity to overcome 'this period of stress'.

There is no case for India's rating downgrade: Rangarajan

Government has already taken a host of reform measures,including passing the Pension Bill.


Economic growth slumps to 4-year low; Manmohan says he is still hopeful

The PM said though BJP recognises the need for consensus,its conduct does not suggest the same.

Determined to accelerate pace of economic change,need to take bold steps: PM

The Prime Minister said the government would revive economy and prove naysayers wrong.

IMF lowers FY’14 India growth projection further

Country to grow at 5.6% against 5.8% estimated in April

Even in slow eco,Delhi grew at 11.3%

Delhi recorded 11.3% growth despite slowdown in country’s economy,govt data shows.