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The Facade: Real estate crisis in Noida, Greater Noida

Defaulting builders and desperate homebuyers — an all-too-familiar script in Noida and Greater Noida could see a twist after a Supreme Court intervention. The Indian Express look for its echoes on the ground

Over 400 school buses fined for not having adequate safety measures: Noida police

The action was carried out as part of "Operation Clean", a special initiative of Gautam Buddh Nagar police to make roads safer, the officials said. Around Rs 26,700 was collected in fines during the operation.


Two arrested for attacking their sister with acid in Greater Noida

The two accused had taken their sister for a drive in a car on May 9 but midway splashed acid on her face and pushed her out of the vehicle, the officials said, adding that she was later found lying unconscious and badly injured by a passerby who alerted police.

Samajwadi Party leader Brajpal Rathi shot at in Greater Noida

The incident took place late on Friday night when Brajpal Rathi, the party's district secretary was returning to his house in Eta sector in an SUV accompanied by a friend and driver, the police said.

Chain snatcher dies after being hit with iron rod in Noida

Three local men - Vipin, Gaurav and Sunny - were in the park video recording themselves dancing and singing when two-bike borne snatchers reached there, a police official said.

Greater Noida: Probe ordered into labourers’ death after fall from building

The enquiry, headed by the Deputy Collector, will look into various safety procedures carried out by the builder during construction and whether there was any lapse on the part of the contractor as well.


Shahberi buildings collapse: Hurriedly finished, patchy roads and a dysfunctional sewage system

Dream homes for Rs 20 lakh, a 10-minute drive to Delhi, and amenities to rival posh high-rises — Shahberi promised it all. The reality, though, is a quagmire of hurriedly finished buildings with patchy roads and a dysfunctional sewage system, in a village that defies jurisdiction.

Aqua Line brings Noida, Greater Noida closer, opens to public today

Claiming that the Metro was finished in "record time", Yogi Adityanath hailed it as a "solution to the transport woes of people in the region".

Leopard rescued from Noida in seven-hour operation

From 9.30 am to 4.30 pm, three teams — from the National Zoologoical Park, Wildlife SOS, and one from Meerut — undertook a rescue mission, which was witnessed and recorded by almost all of Sadullapur village, where the animal was spotted.

United Nations shortlists Noida, Greater Noida for ‘global cities’ initiative

Both cities will be among 25 cities across the world which have been selected in five categories by the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) cities initiative.

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Greater Noida building collapse: Several people buried, nine bodies recovered

Two buildings with one being under construction-collapsed in Shahberi Village in Greater Noida Tuesday night leaving three people dead. Eyewitnesses said that a four-storey building fell on a six storey under-construction building around 8.45 pm. The death toll is likely to increase.

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Beware of Tyre Killers!

Living in Noida? Beware of tyre Killers ahead because driving on the wrong side of the road can result in bursting of your tyres. Noida authority is installing tyre killers in Noida to discourage wrong-side driving.