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Tewari: AAP trying to cover up governance deficit

The party is yet to make the transition from agitation to administration, Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari said.

Governance deficit,policy paralysis marred 2011: Modi

He says bad economics coupled with regular attacks on federal structure have made people impatient.


‘If there is no change in governance,we won’t be able to post a high growth’

It has raised the awareness. Just because you sent a letter doesn’t mean things will change over-night. Governments make decisions based on political situation in the country.

Situation in JK can take ugly turn: Ram Jethmalani

JK CM has virtually snubbed the Kashmir Committee headed by lawyer Ram Jethmalani by not meeting its members.

Scams 'hurt India's image' across world

Scams,scandals sullied India's global image,says a survey of 175 German companies in India.