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Saturday, July 21, 2018


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Google Maps, Google Maps update, Google Maps Explore tab, Google Maps redesigned Explore tab, Google Maps features, Google

Google Maps rolls out redesigned Explore tab with ‘Your Match’, more features

The Explore tab that appears at the bottom of the Google Maps app has been redesigned, and is available globally to all Android and iOS smartphones.

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Google Home and Chromecast outage hits millions of users

Google Home, Google Home Mini speakers and the Chromecast devices faced an outage yesterday, which affected millions of users.

Microsoft, Google, GitHub, Microsoft purchases GitHub, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Diane Greene, cloud computing, GitHub purchased for $7.5 billion

Google executive says Microsoft beat it to purchase GitHub

For Microsoft, GitHub is a key asset for appealing to developers in the competitive cloud computing market.

Google, Google AdWords, DoublClick retired, YouTube, Google Play Store, marketing platform, Google Ads, antitrust agencies

Google retires DoubleClick, AdWords brand names

Google has modified its advertising strategy, by retiring the DoubleClick and AdWords brands that created many ads.

Google, Google Earth, Measure on Google Earth, distances between places, Google Earth Measure feature, virtual ruler, Google Earth area measurment, ARCore measure tool

Google Earth introduces Measuring tool for Chrome, Android

Google Earth’s newest feature, Measure, will allow users to find accurate distances, and estimate land areas. This feature is currently available on Chrome and Android.

Google, Google Neighbourly app, Neighbourly localtiy based app, Neighbourly services, Neighbourly Mumbai beta, Neighbourly for Android, Neighbourly beta testing

Google Neighbourly app review: This is your friendly neighbourhood app

Neighbourly, the new app from Google makes a lot more easier to get your local queries answered

Google, Google Neighbourly app, Neighbourly localtiy based app, Neighbourly services, Neighbourly Mumbai beta, Neighbourly for Android, Neighbourly beta testing

Google’s Neighbourly aims to take on Facebook’s India dominance

Google’s newest hyper-social networking app, Neighbourly, seems to be catching on as a unique proposition that promotes communication within localities.

Google Assistant, Continued Conversations Google Assistant, Google Home, Hey Google, Google Home Mini, Ok Google, Google Home Max, Google Assistant updates

Google Assistant’s Continued Conversations now available for Home, Home Mini speakers

Google has introduced Continued Conversations into the Google Assistant. Among its key features, users will not have to say ‘Hey Google’ for every query

Google, Google Account, Google Account Settings, Google Privacy Settings, GDPR, Google Accounts Privacy, Google Accounts search, Google settings search

Google Account settings updated for more transparency, better control

Google Account experience has been revamped completely to give users more transparency and control over their data

Google, Project Maven, Security tool, Military contracts, Maven, Google’s cloud division, Air Gap, US Military, Pentagon

Project Maven: Google engineers refused to build security tool for military contracts

Several Googlers protesting Project Maven have complained about poor communication from senior leaders.

google, google photos, google photos v3.23, google photos apk teardown, google photos features, android, mobiles

Google Photos v3.23 to bring adjustable bokeh effect, lower image quality to save storage

The APK file teardown of the latest version of Google Photos reveal adjustable bokeh effect and free up storage space by lowering saved image quality

Google, Huawei, Google links with Huawei, Project Maven, US Department of Defence, ZTE, Alphabet, Chinese Communist Party, US Military

US lawmakers want Google to reconsider links to China’s Huawei

The letter was the latest in a series of efforts by members of the US Congress to target Huawei, and ZTE Corp, another major Chinese telecommunications equipment company.

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OnePlus 6 gets support for ARCore, Google’s augmented reality platform

As per an XDA Developers report, Google’s augmented reality platform ARCore version (1.3) adds support for OnePlus 6; Xiaomi Mi 8, Honor 10 may follow next

EU data rules, Alphabet, Google, Europe GDPR, Facebook, European Parliament, privacy regulation, online advertising, YouTube

Web giants gird for legal headaches under new EU copyright rules

Under the new rules, Facebook and Google could be required to prevent certain works from showing up on their websites in the first place, should rights holders demand it.

Google Podcasts, Podcasts app on Android, Google Podcasts AI, Google Home, podcast creators, Google Play Store, developer guidelines, Google Assistant

Google launches a standalone podcast app for Android

Google has launched a new Podcast app, which will allow users to listen to their favorite podcasts.