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China’s elite behind cyber attacks on US

China put pressure on Google.

Google bid to buy-out Groupon falls through: Report

Google Inc’s multi-billion dollar bid to buy out Groupon Inc has fallen through,according to a report.

Wikileaks: Cables link Chinese officials to Google penetration

A leaked cable said that the Chinese government had coordinated cyber attacks against Google.

Corporate giants celebrate ‘The Cup of Life’

American Express becomes Champion of the first ever Corporate Futsal Tournament in NCR.

Google agrees to delete Street View data in Britain

Google agreed to delete private emails picked up from wireless networks in Britain.

Serfing the web

A small spat highlights a big issue: who owns your online identity?

Paanwala googles,unveils Rs 1-cr scam

In Gujarat,e-literate paanwala googles NREGS,stumbles on Rs 1-cr scam by rich NRIs and others.

Akshay Raj from Mangalore wins Doodle4Google competition

His doodle was chosen from over 1,08,000 entries submitted by students.

Google says not building Facebook rival

Social networking has exploded in popularity and begun to reshape the balance of power in the Web industry.

Google bars data from Facebook as rivalry heats up

Facebook relies on email services such as Google’s Gmail to help new users find friends already on the network.

Google bars data from Facebook

Google will no longer let other services import its users’ contact data for their own purposes.

244,000 Germans say no to Google’s Street View

Google says more than 244,000 Germans have asked that their homes be made unrecognisable in its Street View programme.

Will Apple’s culture hurt the iPhone?

Is Apple creating a similar PC-versus-Mac battle in the smartphone field?

A machine to mimic human understanding

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are fine-tuning a computer system that is trying to master semantics by learning more like a human

Google Q3 net income up 32 pct to $2.16 billion

In the year-ago period the company had a net income of USD 1.63 billion.