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Google cashing in millions from Britain health referral ads: Report

Ads made by search giant Google in the UK benefited middlemen in the medical business, and attacked people vulnerable from addiction-based ailments.

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Google clarifies with Russia over website rankings row, says it won’t change algorithms

In response to Russia’s cyber watchdog claiming that Google would de-list Russia Today and Sputnik from their rankings, the search engine giant has replied by saying it would not tweak its ranking criteria.

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Google Maps update offers new look and features, to be included across Google products

Google Maps has updated driving, navigation, transit and explore maps to highlight information that the company thinks will be most relevant.

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Google Search, Maps will show restaurant wait times

Google is soon rolling out wait times on Google Search – followed by Maps – that will show you the estimated wait-time at your favourite eating hangouts.

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Google ending First Click Free policy, to give news publishers more power

Google is ending its controversial ‘First Click Free’ policy, which required publishers to provide a minimum of three free articles per day via Google Search and Google News before people were shown a paywall.

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Google’s new lite mode to load pages 4 times faster on Indian 2G networks

Google Search Product Manager Hiroto Tokusei said the results in Indonesia showed a four times faster page load and 80% less data consumption.

Breaking Down News: The Year That Was

In 2014, the FIFA World Cup triggered the most conversations. Ebola, Robin Williams, the ice bucket challenge and Malaysia Airlines figured prominently

Google search manipulation can swing votes in Indian elections: Study

The study conducted in India in recent weeks suggests that Google has the power to fix elections “without anyone being the wiser”.

Nandan Nilekani more searched on Google than Karnataka poll veterans

V Balakrishnan the ex-CFO of Infosys who is now an AAP candidate has also not been able to garner the same interest as his former colleague.

Rahul Gandhi beats Narendra Modi on Google! Read how

Rahul was a clear winner when it came to people searching for the age of the three stalwarts online.

Ahead of Auto Expo 2014, New Delhi, Maharashtra top in auto queries on Google search

Auto queries on Auto Expo have grown over 250 per cent on mobile devices.

Google focusses on new interface for searches on mobile phones

‘The opportunity is that it’s got a really good microphone and a touch screen.’

Google launches campaign to simplify the web for Indian users

As more Indians come online,they look for easy ways to find information on the web.

Labour Day

To the challenges of childbirth are added the necessity to look good.

Google search used by US ‘cannibal cop’ to rape,torture and feast on women!

These also included ‘what to look for in ‘human meat’,and ‘white slavery’.