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Google for India 2019: Google Pay Jobs, Assistant Phone line and other announcements

Google India event 2019: Here are all the announcements and Assistant, Pay, Lens, Search, Discover updates the Google has announced.

Google app gets dark mode in Search, Discover, Settings: Report

Google is rolling out dark mode for its Google app which will enable dark theme in the Google Search, Google Discover, and Google Settings.


Tiger in your room! Google AR search lets you bring 3D animals in real world

Google has enabled the AR search results for 3D models of a limited number of animals. Here is how you can bring the 3D objects in the physical world.

Google search results on mobile to have distinct icons and names of websites

Google will soon be introducing some changes in the way it shows search results on mobile devices. The new design on being implemented will display the icon and name of every website above the title of the specific page which gets displayed in the search results page.

Google’s search app for low-cost smartphones gets armed with image recognition feature

In a short video played at the event in San Francisco, Urmila, who cannot read, used Google Lens on her smartphone to understand words written in Hindi by letting the app read those words out loud.

Google I/O 2019: AR search results, Google Lens gets new features

Google has announced to introduce new features in the Google Lens along with augmented reality-based search results through Google Search.


Google workers demand end to censored Chinese search project

Google has described the censored search engine for Chinese users, known as Project Dragonfly, as an experiment not close to launching.

Google cashing in millions from Britain health referral ads: Report

Ads made by search giant Google in the UK benefited middlemen in the medical business, and attacked people vulnerable from addiction-based ailments.

Google clarifies with Russia over website rankings row, says it won't change algorithms

In response to Russia's cyber watchdog claiming that Google would de-list Russia Today and Sputnik from their rankings, the search engine giant has replied by saying it would not tweak its ranking criteria.

Google Maps update offers new look and features, to be included across Google products

Google Maps has updated driving, navigation, transit and explore maps to highlight information that the company thinks will be most relevant.