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NCLAT stays CCI's Rs 136-crore penalty on Google

The CCI, had in February this year, ruled that Google was exploiting its dominance in online web search and online search advertising markets as it imposed a fine of Rs 136 crore on it

Google Search results struggle to filter unverified stories from breaking news

Recent event like the Las Vegas shooting and the Texas church shootout have shown how Google's search pulls out unverified reports in events of breaking news, in spite of reworks on fake news practices.


Google search manipulation can swing votes in Indian elections: Study

The study conducted in India in recent weeks suggests that Google has the power to fix elections "without anyone being the wiser".

Google Inc to block child porn from 100,000 searches

New Google technology makes it harder to find child sexual abuse images on the web.

Google search making people more forgetful?

Majority of adults who took part in a survey have said they made less of an effort to remember things.

Google 'Hummingbird' unveiled,to have major impact on web traffic

Google overhauls its search algorithm,the foundation of the Internet's dominant search engine.


Google gets first autonomous vehicle testing licence in US

Google,known for its search engine and e-mail service,has bagged the first licence in the US to test self-driving cars along busy public roads in Nevada

Google view on mobile ads awaited at CEO 1-yr mark

Google Inc's advertising rates will get extra scrutiny as Wall Street ponders whether the proliferation of Internet-connected smartphones helps or hinders the money-making search engine that drives the company's profits.

Google ranked as world’s most attractive employer,again

Internet search giant Google has been ranked as the best company to work for by management and engineering graduates in two separate surveys,which term the company the world’s “most attractive employer” of 2011.

Google confirms: Beatles are indeed 'bigger than Jesus'

Beatles have surpassed Jesus in terms of popularity on Google search engine,with more people searching for the band on Google than the son of God during September.