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Admission under RTE: Google Maps’ paid service roped in to improve school allocation

For the first time, the Industrial Extension Bureau (iNDEXTb), a Gujarat government organisation, has tied up with Google Maps, and is expected to enable a hassle-free admission process with regard to allotment of schools.

Snakes on Google Maps? Here's how you can play the game on your smartphone or PC

Google's April Fools' Day Easter Egg: Snakes have arrived on to Google Maps, and here's how you will be able to play the game on the iOS, Android and desktop.


Google Maps now cautions you of speed cameras, accident spots

Google Maps now cautions the users about mobile speed cameras and accidents that have happened ahead.

Google Maps on iOS and Android will now show speed limits, speed cameras

Google Maps will start showing speed limits on both iOS and Android version of the app. It will also highlight where speeds cameras are on Maps, including in India

Google Maps is adding support for auto rickshaws in Delhi

Google Maps will now add support for auto rickshaws in Delhi and help out customers who rely on this form of public transport in the city.

Digital maps are a modern marvel - until they're hijacked

Today's digital maps — seemingly more precise than ever —aren't always as dependable as they appear


Google Maps Briefly Renames Senate Office Building After McCain

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York proposed the idea of renaming the Russell Senate Office Building for McCain in a statement released shortly after the senator’s death.

Google Maps now shares battery percentage along with live location

Now with real-time location sharing, Google will also share user's devices battery percentage.

Google Maps battery draining issue: Here is how you can fix it

Wondering how to fix Google Maps battery draining issue? Follow these simple steps to get rid of low battery caused by Google Maps background processes

Google Maps removes Uber integration on Android app

Earlier last year, Google Maps announced integrations with ride services like Uber making it easier for users to book a ride directly from the navigation app.