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Google Maps adds location of 57,000 public toilets in India

Due to the partnership with the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs, Google has helped the Ministry take ownership of these listings on Google Maps via their Google My Business platform.

Google Maps to include Pune's public urinals

A civic officer said, “Lakhs of people visit Pune during the Ganesh festival to see the colourful decorations of the Ganesh mandals. Now, they can easily find the nearest public urinal on Google Maps.”


Google Maps in India now comes with Explore, For You tabs, Offers for deals on dining

Users will get relevant updates to the businesses they follow in the For You tab. The app will also suggest other businesses based on merchants a user follows.

Google Maps has a new 'Stay Safer' feature for India: Here is what it will do

Google Maps has launched a new feature termed as 'Stay Safer' that alerts users travelling in autos and taxis in case their vehicle goes off route. It also lets users share their live trip with their family and friends to keep them updated about their whereabouts.

Google Maps introduces on-screen speedometer feature, new tools to visualise natural disasters

Google Maps has unveiled multiple new features such as an on-screen speedometer and special navigation features through natural disasters.

Google Maps to show real-time train, bus status in India

Google Maps will take advantage of the company's live traffic data and public bus schedules to offer information regarding delays as well as travel times of buses.


Admission under RTE: Google Maps’ paid service roped in to improve school allocation

For the first time, the Industrial Extension Bureau (iNDEXTb), a Gujarat government organisation, has tied up with Google Maps, and is expected to enable a hassle-free admission process with regard to allotment of schools.

Snakes on Google Maps? Here's how you can play the game on your smartphone or PC

Google's April Fools' Day Easter Egg: Snakes have arrived on to Google Maps, and here's how you will be able to play the game on the iOS, Android and desktop.

Google Maps now cautions you of speed cameras, accident spots

Google Maps now cautions the users about mobile speed cameras and accidents that have happened ahead.

Google Maps on iOS and Android will now show speed limits, speed cameras

Google Maps will start showing speed limits on both iOS and Android version of the app. It will also highlight where speeds cameras are on Maps, including in India