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Google's Home speakers could rake in more than $8 billion revenue by 2021: Analyst report

By 2020, Google's hardware business could soon be driving $19.6 billion in revenue with the Google Home speakers raking in the highest revenue,

Google Assistant gets Hindi language support for Home speakers

Google Assistant for Google Home and Home mini speakers will now support Hindi. Users can choose to reset Assistant's default language, and give commands in Hindi.


Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL to bundle free Home Mini speakers in India

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will be available for purchase from November 1. An offline retailer has claimed that consumers with old Pixel/Nexus devices will receive a free Google Home mini with these devices.

Google hardware event 2018: Pixel 3, Home Hub, Pixel Slate, and more

Google made some big announcements at an event in New York, including new Pixel smartphones! Here's everything you need to know about what the company revealed.

Google Home, Home Mini get price cut on Flipkart; up to Rs 1500 discounts

Google's Home and Home Mini have available at a discounted price e-retail platforms on Flipkart, soon after Amazon, the smart devices discount announced discounts for its Echo and Echo Dot speakers.

Google Home and Chromecast outage hits millions of users

Google Home, Google Home Mini speakers and the Chromecast devices faced an outage yesterday, which affected millions of users.


Flipkart Big Shopping Days and Amazon Summer Sale 2018: Best offers on Amazon Echo and Google Home smart assistants

If you were looking to buy Amazon Echo or Google Home devices for a discounted price, now would be a good time to head to Amazon or Flipkart.

We asked Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant 12 desi questions: Here’s how they responded

We decided to ask Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant 12 desi questions to determine their intelligence level. These are their responses.

Google Home review: ‘Hey, Google… please learn more stuff fast’

Powered by Google Assistant, the Home is compact enough to become part of any decor in your home or office. Here is our detailed review of Google Home.

Google Home, Home Mini speaker: Services which work in India, launch offers and more

Google Home, Home Mini speaker in India: The top launch offers, how to get a Home Mini for free and services which work with these two.

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Amazon Echo vs Google Home? We test the smart speakers

Amazon Echo vs Google Home: Which is the smartest speaker? Both phones are powered by virtual assistants, which is Alexa in Amazon’s case and Google Assistant on the Home speaker. But which one is better and which one should you pick? We pit the two against each other.