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Google Glass to help autistic kids with social interactions

The Superpower Glass System software that runs on Google Glass and Android smartphone, to help autistic children with social interactions.

Google Glass app helps autistic kids have conversations

An app to be used with wearable technology such as Google Glass - a head-mounted display in the shape of eyeglasses - can coach children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in everyday social interactions, new research has found.


New biometric system uses human skull

'SkullConduct' uses the skull to provide a digital access code. In the future this new method could also secure smartphones, researchers said.

Not so smart

The Google Glass experiment comes to an end, for now. Its core idea is likely to return.

Google Glass sales discontinued; Focus on Glass 2

Google has announced that it will no longer sell its experimental first version of Glass.

Google to halt sale of Glass, work on next version

The company did not indicate, however, when its next version would be made available.


Google Glass may hamper daily activities

The wearable Google Glass device may affect part of your vision that is crucial for performing daily activities like driving, walking and playing.

Can't afford Google Glass? Here's Optinvent Ora at $300

French company wants to challenge Google Glass with price. Optinvent has priced the consumer version of Ora at $300, but claims it is better.

Nanavati doctors use ‘Google Glass’ for cardiac surgery

Google Glass, provides a host of functions with a simple-voice command or touch.

Soon, Google Glass to assist surgeons

Researchers obtained a Glass device through Google's Explorer Programme and have tested its applicability in their daily paediatric surgical practice.