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Google Cloud Summit 2018: Focus on training Indian professionals on new Cloud technologies and services

With a boost in training infrastructure in India, Google to focus heavily on training Indian professionals on new Cloud technologies like Machine Learning and AI

Alphabet touts Cloud, YouTube to ease pain of Google search costs

Google's parent Alphabet now faces a unique problem: the need to make its search engine and internet-oriented services profitable. Its Q4 2017 results have displayed the influence of YouTube and Google Cloud on its revenues.


Google's rise helps Alphabet post $32.32 billion in Q4 2017 revenue

Google parent Alphabet ha posted a Q4 revenue of $32.27 billion, of which Google itself accounts for $25.87 billion.

Google Cloud to expand infrastructure with new regions, submarine cables

In a blogpost, Google has announced that it has plans to expand cloud infrastructure by 2019. The tech giant will lay 3 undersea cables in order to create a wider network.

SoftBank Group Corp may invest in a London based VR startup

SoftBank Corp. is close to an investment in Improbable Worlds Ltd., a London-based VR startup backed by US venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz.