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On the Loose: God’s Plan

When rules are not taken seriously by citizens, does it even make any sense to rely so heavily on citizen participation to create a just society?

Good Samaritan’s rescue act goes in vain; accident victim dies, thanks to hospital ‘apathy’

Khairnar, who retired as a cook at the defence canteen at Bombay Engineering Group (BEG), Khadki, just two months ago, died on Saturday (January 23).


‘Good samaritan’ held for sending obscene messages to woman

The police said the victim and Sheikh were travelling on the same train in December this year, which was when she borrowed his cellphone in order to make a call.

Mamata plays good Samaritan at Vijay Chowk

Help came from an unexpected quarter for a motorcyclist who fell from his vehicle and got injured after being hit by a speeding car at the busy Vijay Chowk.