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An elephant rescued from captivity gets special 'cake' to celebrate his freedom

Popularly known as Raju, the elephant spent the first five decades of his life roaming the streets of Uttar Pradesh seeking alms for his owner, while being kept in custody illegally.

Viral video: 'Hero' teenager catches toddler after she falls from second floor

CCTV footage shows Feuzi Zabaat, who was working on the street nearby, spotting two-year-old Doha Muhammed hovering near the edge of a window.


'We don't deserve dogs': Netizens applaud canine for rescuing kid from falling into water

When the dog, who is standing behind her, notices her going near the water body, she quickly runs towards the child to pull her away from falling into the river.

Watch: German circus wows all using 3D hologram animals instead of real ones

The German entertainment company which has been entertaining with its animal shows since 1976, decided to deviate from the traditional route of entertainment owing to the rising concern about animal safety.

Teen wins hearts after cancelling graduation party to feed pizzas to homeless

Houston resident Leanne Carrasco decided to have a unique celebration by throwing a party not for friends, but for homeless people at which they were fed pizzas.

Man runs out of fuel on highway, Mumbai cop offers petrol from own bike for free

Spotting the cops on the highway when Gajjar asked for the nearest petrol pump, Somanath Kakad of Navi Mumbai Police decided to lend some fuel from his own tank free of charge.


'Humanity above all': Muslim man breaks fast to donate blood to Hindu patient

Ahmad wanted to donate his blood and wanted to know if he could do so while fasting. He was advised that it would be better if he broke his fast.

Mother skips her own graduation to attend son's, but gets a pleasant surprise

Central Michigan’s president reached out to David Eisler, the president of Ferris State University. The two university heads then decided to surprise both Stephan and his mom by presenting Sharonda with her own graduation cap.

Mizoram boy who rushed injured chick to hospital gets PETA award

Recognising his empathy towards animals, PETA India honoured him with the 'Compassionate Kid' Award also for inspiring other children.

Mangaluru man ties reflective collars around stray dogs to prevent road accidents

Ahmad's initiative was lauded by many, with some also suggesting the same for other animals on the streets. "Good idea! Same thing should be done with stray cows roaming free on highways, particularly black cows," read one of the many tweets on the viral post.

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International Women's Day: "I had no choice but to be firm and fight back!" North India's first woman autorickshaw driver

International Women's Day: Today at the age of 40, Sunita Choudhary stands dressed in a white tailored suit and brown boots driving her own auto-rickshaw along the streets of South Delhi. She came to the Capital broke escaping an abusive marriage with no place to live.