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In miraculous escape, bees living on Notre Dame's roof survive inferno

As bees don't have lungs, the smoke did not affect them adversely. "Instead of killing them, the CO2 (from smoke) makes them drunk, puts them to sleep," beekeeper explained.

CRPF constable earns praise online for donating blood to young Kashmiri mother

Thanks to the CRPF constable any further complications were averted and CRPF Madadgaar informed that the mother and her child were stable.


'Hero' cops save 21-day-old infant from choking, dramatic video goes viral

According to the police, the distressed parents came to the station at around 8 pm on April 15 and officers Renato Taroco and Robson Thiago de Souza performed the procedures of the Heimlich manoeuvre to help him.

UP Police praise lady constable for going beyond duty to help elderly woman

Constable Manvi was visiting a bank for her personal work when she spotted the troubled old lady standing in the sun. On further inquiry, she found out that the elderly woman had not eaten in several days, after which she took the woman with her and gave her food.

'Because she was a mum': NZ PM Jacinda Ardern pays for a woman's groceries who forgot wallet

In the post, the woman also said she tried to explain to her children how the prime minister had just bought their groceries. "All they cared about was how silly mummy was forgetting her wallet. Totally lost on them."

Woman with Down Syndrome gets to live her dream, becomes flight attendant for a day!

Knoll spent time "learning the ropes and meeting crew and pilots at Brisbane Airport, before receiving her uniform and 'wings' a badge given to cabin crew before they take their first flight."


Air India earns praise after crew go all out to find senior citizen's passport bag

The incident took place in an Air India flight recently, and Netizens are lauding the crew and staff of the national carrier for their customer relationship and hospitality.

Student introduced himself as 'Captain' in playschool, flies teacher 30 years later

During playschool admissions, the then 3-year old Rohan Bhasin had introduced himself to his teacher as ‘Captain Rohan Bhasin’ quite nonchalantly. After many years, he not only realised his dream but flew his playschool teacher in her long-haul flight to Chicago.

Police 'arrest' 104-yr-old Bristol woman to grant her 'special' wish

"I am 104 and I have never been on the wrong side of the law," the elderly woman wished to get arrested to know how it feels and the local police was happy to oblige and handcuffed her recently.

Rohit Sharma shares adorable photo of black rhino calf named after his 2-month-old daughter Samaira

The 11-month-old calf is the namesake of the right-handed opening batsman's baby girl and is a resident at Kenya's Ol Pejeta Conservancy, largest rhino sanctuary in East Africa.

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International Women's Day: "I had no choice but to be firm and fight back!" North India's first woman autorickshaw driver

International Women's Day: Today at the age of 40, Sunita Choudhary stands dressed in a white tailored suit and brown boots driving her own auto-rickshaw along the streets of South Delhi. She came to the Capital broke escaping an abusive marriage with no place to live.