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A royal treatment: Australian girl leaves behind toy monkey at Buckingham Palace, Queen returns it with a gift

Little Savannah Hart was holidaying in the UK during the summer break along with a stuffed monkey belonging to her kindergarten. On a day trip to Buckingham Palace with her family, Savannah misplaced and toy and had to fly home without her.

Canadian figure skater holds up Japanese flag for fellow contestant during medal ceremony

When the national anthem of Japan started to play for gold medallist Hanyu, Messing noticed there was no flag display – so he took charge and decided to do the job himself.


Denmark govt buys four elephants from circuses so they can retire

An animal rights group, Animal Protection Denmark, will care for the gentle beasts until the government finds a capable facility. The ministry will soon start an application process to choose a zoo to take the elephants from the state free of charge.

Anand Mahindra's tweet helps Tamil Nadu woman selling idlis for Re 1 each get gas connection

Mahindra took to Twitter to thank the agency for their support to her small but impactful business and reiterated his promise to help with the refill. "As I have already stated, I am happy to support her continuing costs of using LPG," he wrote.

'Batman saves the day': Man dressed as superhero walks bullied girl to day care

When three-year-old Lydia felt like she needed some help, the caped crusader accompanied her to the day care centre where she was bullied and it reportedly worked wonders.

Dubai Police awards barista for returning bag filled with millions in cash

The bag contained cash worth Dh1,95,000 (Rs 38 lakh). The bag also had a cheque book, a bunch of personal documents and two cheques.


Woman takes in nearly 100 stray dogs after Hurricane Dorian hits the Bahamas

Chella Phillips took in as many strays as she could find on the streets. In a Facebook post, which subsequently went viral, she said that 97 dogs were in her master bedroom.

Social media helps former child refugee find man who gifted her a cycle decades ago

Mevan Babakar, the 29-year-old employee of an independent fact-checking charity in the UK, recently tweeted a photo of the man who had bought her a cycle "out of the kindness of his own heart" and asked for help to find him

A Mumbai hotel's sweet gesture towards a guest dining alone is winning hearts online

Delighted by the gesture, the customer shared a photo and wrote, "The hotel staff come by to leave this on my table as company given I was eating alone. So nice & thoughtful and something that’s never happened in all my travel thus far!"

Video of Manipuri girl crying over cut trees goes viral, CM makes her 'green ambassador'

The 9-year-old girl will be involved in various Government-sponsored tree plantation programmes including ceremonial, world environment day and Van-Mahotsava among others.

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International Women's Day: "I had no choice but to be firm and fight back!" North India's first woman autorickshaw driver

International Women's Day: Today at the age of 40, Sunita Choudhary stands dressed in a white tailored suit and brown boots driving her own auto-rickshaw along the streets of South Delhi. She came to the Capital broke escaping an abusive marriage with no place to live.