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Goa government to act against overcharging hotels: Chief Minister Pramod Sawant

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said the state government has come to know that several hotels were overcharging the customers, due to which the tourism industry is getting affected.

Explained: Travelling to Goa? Taxis are on strike; here's what you should know

The Association of Tourist Taxi Owners of Goa (ATTOG), an umbrella union of taxi drivers with 30,000 affiliated private taxis, called a flash strike on Friday.


Goa’s tourism sector wants state to plan ahead to sustain visitor flow

Goa's tourism industry lacks policy and stakeholders want the government to come clean on what plans it has for what is now the backbone of the state's economy.

Goa tourism dept requests Election Commission to relax alcohol sale deadline

The ECI has imposed a ban on serving liquor after 11 pm. The state's tourism industry, however, says the decision has impacted its business.

Goa DGP defends 'Traffic Sentinel' scheme for citizens to report traffic offences

Tourism industry stakeholders have said the scheme is detrimental to the sector, and local residents have been protesting against the "sentinels" intruding their privacy. Both ruling and opposition MLAs have said the scheme can be misused.

'Ghatis' can't come, Goans to be preferred for work: Goa tourism minister

In the coastal state, "ghati" is typically used in Marathi and Konkani languages to address migrant blue collar workers, specially those from neighbouring Maharashtra.


Formalin scare: Goa imposes 15-day ban on fish supply from other states

The state has been gripped with fear after the FDA found that fish being sold in the state had high levels of formalin. In the last few days, the FDA raided several fish markets, but later said the organic substance found in fish was within the permissible limit.

Amid formalin fears, Goa bans fish import from other states till July-end

Amid formalin scare in Goa, the state government has banned fish from other states for 15 days as a cautionary measure. Now the state government will have to rely on fresh catch by Goan fishermen.

Goa plans to encourage use of bicycles to protect environment

Manohar Parrikar said the environment-friendly conditions cannot not be created overnight in the state and the people will have to work for it.

'Ban on sale of cattle for slaughter won't affect Goa tourism'

"Tourists come here for sea and sand and to eat fish curry and rice. They visit Goa to taste the authentic Goan cuisine, which includes dishes made of fish," Goa, state minister Manohar Ajgaonkar said.

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Goa village wants to go dry

The villagers of Surla in Goa want its alcohol shops to be shut down. Tourists flock to its liquor shops to purchase cheap alcohol which results in misbehaviour with women and children. The residents want a cancellation of liquor licences of all the alcohol shops operating within the village.