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Genetically modified crops: A wake-up call?

Amid a continuing moratorium on all genetically modified crops except Bt cotton, prohibited seeds are now in use across the country. The government knows it, and defiant farmers have started challenging it to do something about it.

No risks reported from GM crops grown for decades: FSSAI scientist

DR S R Rao, Chairman, FSSAI Scientific Panel on GM foods, and former senior advisor, Department of Biotechnology, talks to The Indian Express about the debate on the genetically modified (GM) crops.


GM crops: Farmers clear, politics muddled

The opposition to GM crops is clearly not from farmers. Were that so, the global annual area planted under them wouldn’t have risen from a mere 1.7 million to nearly 190 million hectares between 1996 and 2017.

GM crop safe, but must assess case by case: ICMR to House panel

ICMR has told a parliamentary panel that while genetically modified crops are “generally safe”, the “individual GM foods” should be assessed on a “case by case basis”.

GM technology: Compulsory licensing rules withdrawn after outcry from crop research majors

The Indian Express has learnt that the decision to put on hold the latest notification came after intervention at the “highest level”

No evidence yet that GM crops harm humans or animals: biotech secy

We are trying to evolve cost effective technologies to solve problems in rural areas, says Professor Raghavan, secretary, deparment of biotechnology


Maharashtra’s way

It does well to give go-ahead to field trials for GM crops. Other states must follow.

Experts call for govt push for GM trials

The gathering had no speakers to point out the possible side-effects of using GM crops on the soil.

The GM bogey

If an anti-technology mindset spreads, we will have to pay for it dearly.

Madhya Pradesh says no to field trials for genetically modified chickpea and mustard

The Union agriculture ministry had recommended in August this year that NOCs be given for field trials in transgenic mustard and chickpea crop.