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Panchkula: Musra Khatun becomes first to pass Class 10 in village in two years

The Government Senior Secondary School in Rehna, a Muslim-majority village in Raipur Rani block of Panchkula district, was upgraded to Class 12 only in 2014-15. Until then, it was up to Class 8.

Socio-Economic review: Share of girls in higher education rises to 40 per cent in Gujarat

Though many working in the field of education say the 40 per cent of girls share in higher education is quite satisfactory, the report does not make it clear the background of the girl students: how many of them come from rural areas and how many are from urban areas or from which social group or community.


District Zero: The girls are ready

Nabarangpur’s female literacy rate is way below the national average. But motivated by education and a government project to house them in hostels, the women are dreaming big, and beyond Nabarangpur.

‘Some good from unpleasant work; they spend on children’s schooling’

Lack of social security, exploitation at work and lack of government assistance are the main problems faced by female domestic workers in the city, the report stated.

Educate girls to get rid of social evils, says Nitish

He said several self-help groups are now engaged in making quality sanity napkins to cater to schoolgirls’ needs.

Educating girls best way to stabilise population: Nitish

Nitish Kumar was speaking at a workshop on 'Health, Women and Development' organised by ADRI and PFI.


Father jailed for taking daughter to math exam, tied to his bike

Guard out on bail after bid to get daughter to exam was caught on camera.

Irani asks women scientists to play greater role in promoting girl education

The special focus of 'Udaan' is to address the issue of low enrolment ratio of girl students in prestigious educational institutions.

Minor’s plea to be allowed to study falls on deaf ears

Girl’s neighbour wants to marry her, keeps on threatening and stalking her.

Australia gives Rs 10 lakh to NGO to educate girls

Commending the efforts of the NGO, Despoja gave a cheque of Rs 10 lakh to the NGO to educate women and girls.