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George Zimmerman to auction gun used to kill Trayvon Martin

The Florida man who shot dead black youth Trayvon Martin in an incident that prompted nationwide civil rights protests will auction the gun.

Obama opens up to racism,says Trayvon Martin could have been me,35 yrs ago

The 17-year-old unarmed black teen was shot and killed in Florida in February 2012.


Zimmerman's lawyer calls prosecutors 'disgrace' to profession

George Zimmerman's chief defense lawyer called Florida prosecutors "a disgrace to my profession" for holding back evidence for months.

Who’s guilty?

The decision the six jurors reached in the George Zimmerman trial would inspire anger,frustration,and despair,but little surprise,writes Jelani Cobb

Obama urges calm after racially-charged murder trial

Zimmerman,29,was charged with second degree murder,having pursued Martin.

US jury finds Zimmerman not guilty of killing Martin

Panel accepts self-defence as justification for fatal shooting of teen


Neighbourhood watch killer says was attacked first

A Slain Florida teenager and the neighbourhood watch captain who shot and killed him exchanged words before the teen punched him in the nose and began banging the man’s head on the ground

Probe into shooting of black Florida teen

The case has drawn national attention. College students around Florida rallied Monday to demand Zimmerman’s arrest.