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Explained: Why High Court invoked Orwell's Animal Farm to strip Rajasthan ex-CMs of privileges 

The amendments, made when the previous Vasundhara Raje government was in power, introduced changes in the Rajasthan Ministers' Salaries Act, 1956.

Anna Burns’ Milkman wins the Orwell Prize for political fiction

Anna Burns’ Milkman, winner of the Man Booker Prize in 2018, has won the prize for political fiction, while Patrick Radden Keefe has won the prize for political writing for Say Nothing.


A Murder on Animal Farm

Slain rationalists, lynchings and caste agitations figure in Marathi writer Pravin Bandekar’s new Orwellian novel, which explores the disappointments of all political change.

Before becoming CEA, Arvind touted Kerala resilience versus Guj growth

Subramanian has also co-authored papers with his predecessor in the finance ministry and now Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan.

China’s historical amnesia

Moderates are losing hope in a system unwilling to face its past.

David Cameron's ancestors had owned slaves: report

Among prominent names who are linked with slave-owning past include George Orwell,Graham Greene.


Aomame in Wonderland

A sky with two moons. A town of cats. Sundered sweethearts. Murakami is at it again,but in this flabby fantasy,has his reach exceeded his grasp?

Lies,politics and language

Political words that have lost all meaning and need to be got rid of.

Going Nowhere

Among the people I hang out with,one of the last remaining heresies is to admit you don’t care that much for travel.

The Ghost in the Hallway

Dileep Prakash’s new series of photographs returns to Indian prep schools to exorcise old demons

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So, what is 'nationalism'? Here's what Tagore, Einstein, Orwell, etc, had to say

12 quotes on nationalism that are bound to make you think about which side of the 'anti-nationalism' debate are you on.