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Body of former President George HW Bush brought to Texas burial site

Bush's casket travelled by train from Houston to College Station, Texas, and then carried to the gravesite behind his library by a military honour guard, in a ceremony overseen by his son and former President George W Bush.

US bids goodbye to George HW Bush with high praise, cannons, humour

George W Bush, like his father an emotional man given to tearing up over family, struggled to make it through his eulogy, his eyes watery, his face etched with emotion.


Watch video: In tears, George W Bush bids farewell to his father

"As he aged, he taught us how to grow old with dignity, humor, and kindness — and, when the good Lord finally called, how to meet him with courage and with joy in the promise of what lies ahead," George W Bush said.

Younger Bush rarely called on elder Bush during presidency

A look at some of those times as cited by George W Bush in his 2014 book "A Portrait of My Father" about George H W Bush, who died late Friday at age 94.

George Bush airport resumes operations post bomb scare

About 25 other passengers were evacuated from the ticketing area, and the bomb squad was called to the scene to evaluate the bag, the police added.

Iraqi journalist who aimed for George Bush's head and missed is running for office

Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi spent nine months in jail before he was released for good behaviour in 2009. He is currently the president of al-Zaidi Foundation which is involved in humanitarian work.


Who is Barbara Bush?

Barbara Bush was not only a matriarch of a growing political dynasty but also an advocate for literacy. Bush had an independent streak and could be sharp-tongued.

George Bush recently made Barack Obama chuckle on stage; Twitterati loved it

The five living former presidents of United States — Democrats Barack Obama, Bill Clinton Jimmy Carter and Republicans George HW Bush and George W Bush recently came together for a fundraising event.

Be humble in victory, responsible with power: Former Presidents George Bush, Bill Clinton

Former Presidents Bush and Clinton told a forum in Dallas on Thursday that they were able to forge mutual bonds of respect and friendship because the other had been gracious in victory and respectful of presidential power.

From George Bush to Donald Trump: How US policy towards Syria has evolved

Trump’s decision to attack the Syrian base today can hardly be seen in tune with the overall structure of foreign policy maintained by America towards the country.