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New 'Meghalayan age' discovered in Earth's history

The Meghalayan, the youngest stage, runs from 4,200 years ago to 1950. It began with a destructive drought, whose effects lasted two centuries, and severely disrupted civilisations.

Kolkata waits as six-year mystery of three 300-year-old chests to end soon

The chests were discovered in 2008 when a woman in her 60s sold her plot at 178, Rash Behari Avenue, in south Kolkata.


Getting to the depth of the matter

A host of new findings about Earth’s core questions long-standing assumptions

A romp into theories of the cradle of life

When two dozen chemists,geologists,biologists,planetary scientists and physicists gathered to ponder where and how life originated.

‘Big’ find in Jodhpur gets geologists talking

Fossils of giant algae found in sandstone may push back the date of evolution of megascopic plants,say geologists....