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Their Postcards For 2018: From 18 places, girls who turned 18 this year speak out

From 18 places touched by the headlines, girls who turned 18 this year speak on who they are, what they want, their life — and their love.

Revenge rape: Why women are subjected to a deplorable punishment for crimes they have not committed

In Multan, the southern district of Pakistan’s Punjab, a panchayat dictated that a man could rape an adolescent girl, who was the sister of the man who allegedly raped the former’s sister. In its simplest terms, this is revenge rape.

Indigenous tribes embraced gender fluidity prior to colonisation, but Europeans enforced specific gender roles

Ethnographic research reveals therefore, that prior to the European dominance, there were absolutely no monolithic gender systems in place. The construction of two specific gender identities as non-interchangeable absolutes, was in fact, the invention of the Euro-Western society.

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Marriage at the age of 14 is allowed in the US. New York State just banned it

A Reuters report informs that between 2000 and 2010, about 1,70,000 children were married within the country. Within the state of New York itself, 3,800 children were wedded during that period.

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From Tata Tea to Titan, Indian brands are adopting a new, socially-conscious language

There has been a surge of beautifully crafted, intelligently told Indian advertisements that either prod us to engage in sociopolitical issues with greater furor, or address issues pertaining to gender inequality and same-sex relationships

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Govt plans to restrict maternity benefit to first child only. As usual, it’s the women who suffer

One could argue that this step would reflect better in population control. Would it though? Or would just make it far worse for pregnant women who desperately need financial assistance?

Dear Suresh Prabhu, here are a few ideas for improving train travel conditions for the differently-abled

In a response to a petition backed by 82,000 supporters to improve the railway facilities for disabled people, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu asked the public for ideas. And we came up with a list.

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UP, Punjab Assembly Elections 2017: Here’s what BJP, Congress, AAP have promised for women

In most of the parties’ proposed pledges, women’s issues have been dwarfed in their importance and have barely received attention.

It’s proven: Men are from Mars and women from Venus

According to a study, computational analysis of the words used by Facebook users revealed that women use language that is warmer and more agreeable than men.

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Let’s talk about men as agents of change

Like women, men too are victims of inequality, believe experts, and they need the opportunity to learn and understand how it destroys them as well as the women around them.

Delhi-based activist holds workshop on gender sensitisation

Activist and gender trainer from Delhi,Kamla Bhasin conducted a one-day workshop on ‘Gender Sensitisation’ on Monday at Post Graduate Government College for Girls,Sector 11 (PG-GCG-11). Bhasin spoke on various issues like gender,sexuality,patriarchy and violence,explaining how patriarchy is supported and perpetuated by both men and women,and how it destroys both men and women. ‘Hum Hain’,a society […]

Age,gender affect chances to quit smoking

A study has found that whether you’re male or female all affect your chances of giving up smoking.

Researches link parenthood to lower BP

Parenthood can be stressful,but it has health benefits too,says a new study.

Men write short email,women write long messages: Book

You can call it the email gender gap,but a new book has claimed that men really like it short while women like it long.

Adoption preferences differ for gays,straights

A study says gay men are more likely to have a gender preference for their adopted child whereas heterosexual men are the least likely.