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Friday, December 04, 2020

Gender violence


Lockdown left women more vulnerable: Webinar on gender violence

October 09, 2020 5:26 am

Jharna Pathak, assistant professor Gujarat Institute of Development Research, said the way Hathras case proceeded and the narrative that was created seemed that they were trying to justify a gruesome rape.

A gendered gaze of justice

July 29, 2020 9:52 pm

The stereotype of a 'distressed victim' has influenced the judgment of courts in many rape trials.

Conversations on sexual violence need to acknowledge root of the problem

May 18, 2020 9:54 am

It is high time that we acknowledge the monsters in the darkest corners of our minds and inside our homes. Parents need to have the forbidden “talk” with their sons and daughters.

Explained: How climate change leads to more violence against women, girls

March 05, 2020 1:19 pm

Rape, domestic violence, forced marriages: A new study shows the effects of climate change are leading to an increase in violence against girls and women in many corners of the world.

Violence against women: Here's how to stay safe online

November 25, 2019 11:55 am

There is an equally cautious need to raise awareness on online abuse and how women can stay safe online.

Free rides for women in public transport is part of Delhi govt’s push to make city safe

June 15, 2019 8:17 am

Free rides for women in public transport is a part of Delhi government’s push to make the city safe, inclusive.

The Feminine Principle

September 05, 2018 12:44 am

An exhibition chronicles the changing face of women in artist-pedagogue KG Subramanyan’s oeuvre.

Sexual violence is holding back the rise of India

May 29, 2018 11:49 am

India could increase its GDP by $770 billion by 2025 by getting more women to work and increasing equality, according to McKinsey Global Institute. Yet, only 27 percent of Indian women are in employment. That’s the lowest among the major emerging nations and G-20 countries, and better only than Saudi Arabia.

Transgenders protest against gender crimes

April 24, 2018 6:05 am

“On April 15, during the event a scuffle took place and two of our members were molested. We organised a three-day protest from April 20 which was against all such crimes,” said Ranijita Sinha, a member of the Association of Transgenders.

Man strangulates woman with shoe lace for refusing sex: Police

February 19, 2018 4:58 pm

Yesterday Haridas Nirgude had called More to his house in Nallasopara. After the victim reached there, he demanded sexual favours and as she refused it, Nirgude killed her, the officer said.