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In his company

A new report confirms men continue to dominate India Inc. Private sector needs to do more to ensure diversity, equality.

Forwarded as Received: How Other Half Lives

WhatsApp Uncle imagines what it is to be a woman


Lancet journals to adopt diversity pledge, ‘no all-male panel’ policy

Six months ago, The Lancet published a theme issue on women in science, medicine and global health (#LancetWomen) that raised concerns about systemic gender bias impeding the advancement of and equity for women in these fields.

Women's voices matter in their community and as leaders: Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle, who has been a UN Women's Advocate for Women’s Political Participation and Leadership since 2015, spoke on the importance of gender equality.

In Good Faith: The Divine Patriarchy

Masculinity of gods reinforces gender inequality. Goddesses could subvert it.

Pink for boys to dads doing housework, these children's books are all about breaking gender stereotypes

Many authors have found a delightful way of educating kids about gender issues through their stories and illustrations without necessarily being preachy. They tell us about what inspired their books and talking gender with kids.


Watch: Why kids need to know about gender and sexuality

"The American Academy of Pediatrics has found that children have a solid understanding of their gender identity by the age of four. This is when children are developing their sense of self. They're observing the world around them, absorbing that information and internalising it."

Women of Punjab

Our rural sisters are not aware of their own needs. They are stuck in a groove with little or no escape. Their health is often neglected, the daily chores are endless, insecurities abound and higher education is a distant dream.

India ranks low on gender equality index, stands at 95 out of 129 countries

India, along with neighbours Pakistan and Bangladesh, lost out on the education index even though the report noted that large strides had been made.

Telling Numbers: On new gender equality index, India is 95th in 129 countries

The ranking found that the world is far from achieving gender equality with 1.4 billion girls and women living in countries that get a “very poor” grade.