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'They told me to grow moustache and walk like man': TN transwoman alleges harassment by family

She claimed that her relatives abused her, attacked and ill-treated her to an extent where they chopped off her hair, tore her dresses and told her to behave like "a man".

Survey reveals gender discrimination among health trainees and professionals

Of the 653 women recruited across these centres, 346 completed the survey and as many as 291 women reported at least one challenge they faced. As many as 228 reported work-life balance issues, 154 reported gender discrimination and 160 reported sexual harassment or assault.


Qatar Airways boss apologises for saying only a man could do his job

In 2017, Akbar Al Baker apologised after calling U.S. flight attendants "grandmothers" during a trade row with U.S. airlines, prompting an airline union to accuse him of sexism and age discrimination.

Why women activists in Kerala are up in arms about a mountain they can’t climb

Women activists are battling the LDF government for their right to scale the peak of Agasthyarkoodam, trekking to which has been prohibited to women and children under the age of 14

Boys don’t cry: Who are men really when they are alone?

Our notions of masculinity encourage us to hide our vulnerabilities. But who are men really when they are alone? And why it’s alright to break down sometimes.

LGBT outcry persuades Malaysia to amend sex education video contest

The contest had invited entries for sexual and reproductive health, cybersex or "gender identity disorder." The guidelines said that the videos must include elements showing the "consequences" of being LGBT, as well as how to "prevent, control and ways to seek help" for them.


U.S. appeals court sides with transgender student in washroom case

Ashton Whitaker's family sued the Kenosha Unified School District last year over its decision to forbid him from using the boys' restrooms at George Nelson Tremper High School because his birth certificate designates him as female

Gender balance: RSS working to get more women in its ranks

A series of four events with this objective began on Independence Day, with a two-day meeting of the Delhi units of prominent RSS affiliates in Vrindavan (Mathura).

A voice, under 35: No country for free women

No girl in India is born free. In many cases, she is not even free to be born

Culture of machismo and bias

More women are needed in managerial roles. It’s even good for business