To end UPA freeze on Bt brinjal, regulator looks at Bangladesh

The GEAC has decided to write to the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) “to obtain relevant information and data on the post commercial release effects of Bt Brinjal in Bangladesh from Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI)”.

Luddite victory

States’ veto on field trials of GM crops shows them — and the Centre — in bad light.


Say yes to trials

Because the GM question demands evidence-based policymaking, not corporate shills or NGO prejudices.

To increase farm output, income, take lab to land, says Modi

He emphasised on the need for water conservation through measures such as rainwater harvesting.

Govt puts on hold expert committee’s decision on field trials

Javadekar’s cautious response is in line with his party’s stand and the fact that the issue is sub judice.

MoEF to back field trials of GM crops: Moily

The minister said he firmly believed in “good processes, which do not mean personal prejudices or likes or dislikes.


Farming for the future

The environment ministry should now seize the initiative on GM crops.

Behind Jayanthi's exit: scraps with Moily,her rejection of 'consensus' GM report

Natarajan decided to disassociate herself,making it difficult for the government to go ahead.

Biotech research stalled as GEAC fails to meet

The environment ministry’s apex body for genetic engineering clearances has not had its pre-kharif meeting thus far,raising the prospect

Parliament panel seeks probe into Bt Brinjal

Bhargava had made this claim on the basis of “the confession” made by Reddy to him,the panel has said. But Reddy denied this and said he never received any call from any minister.