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From plate to plough: A race to atone for neglect of the farmer

But last-minute attempts, ahead of elections, are no substitute for the structural reforms and investments needed in the agriculture sector.

Equality beyond GDP

New India cannot view empowerment of women merely as economic resource.


GDP a 'fancy figure', growth must translate to well being on ground: Kamal Nath

Referring to the latest IMF forecast for Indian economy, he said, "GDP is a fancy figure and at times it can be misleading as one needs to see where all a 7.5 per cent growth figure translates into".

Across the aisle: Taking stock at beginning of year

Four months from today, a new government will be in office (according to the people’s verdict). Nothing that the present government will do between now and April 30 will alter the state of the economy radically.

India likely to overtake US to be world's second largest economy by 2030: Report

As per the economists, India is projected to accelerate to 7.8 percent by the 2020s while China’s will moderate to 5 percent by 2030 reflecting a natural slowdown given the economy’s size.

‘Rising GDP not enough to counter sharp rise in CAD’

If a crude price shock hits the Indian economy, the CAD to GDP ratio will rise sharply irrespective of a higher GDP growth.


Denial is no option

Government must acknowledge the economic slowdown and act urgently to reverse it

Politics & numbers

New GDP back-series data released by CSO is credible. Let's not play politics

India's Q2 GDP growth rate falls to 7.1%, but retains fastest growing economy tag

The Chinese economy, on the other hand, had expanded at the rate of 6.5 per cent in the July-September period this year.

Arvind Subramanian on why 'draconian' demonetisation didn't hit India's GDP more

Why didn’t an 86 per cent reduction in the cash supply have bigger effects on economic growth? Arvind Subramanian offers some answers in his new book.

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‘Think of it the other way, not about govt raiding RBI, but how RBI could have behaved differently’

In this edition of the Idea Exchange, Former Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian talks about demonitisation, defends GST, explains the reasons why growth has not been robust and reflects back on his tenure as Chief Economic Adviser of India.


'Railways in crisis going from bad to worse': Dinesh Trivedi

New Delhi, Feb 25 (ANI): Former railways minister Dinesh Trivedi wished Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu all the best for the upcoming Railways Budget. He said he was little worried about the railways because railways is a basic system anywhere in the world, which adds to half percent to the GDP. If the railways doesn’t do well, you cannot contain even your food inflation.