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Monday, July 04, 2022

GDP growth


Q4FY22 growth may decline to 2.7%: SBI

May 27, 2022 3:10 am

Against this backdrop, the Q4 GDP numbers are expected to be much lower than Q3 indicating a continuous deceleration in growth since the starting of the year. The NSO imputed Q4 FY22 growth is 4.8 per cent, and GVA growth at 4.1 per cent.

India must seize the trade opportunity opening now

May 06, 2022 9:25 am

Sachchidanand Shukla writes: The uncertain global economic environment calls for proactive policy actions to boost exports

Managing the fiscal shock of the Russia-Ukraine conflict

April 30, 2022 11:43 pm

Madan Sabnavis writes: There has been considerable speculation on whether the fiscal targets will be altered due to the evolving conditions. The government, however, is quite sure of the numbers and has not spoken about the need to revisit them.

Current account deficit widens to 2.7 per cent of GDP in Q3

March 31, 2022 11:42 pm

The current account deficit was 1.2 per cent of GDP in April-December 2021 as against a surplus of 1.7 per cent in April-December 2020 on the back of a sharp increase in the trade deficit, the RBI said on Thursday.

‘Current account deficit likely to hit 10-year high’

March 11, 2022 12:41 am

The risk would stem from a further sustained rise in oil prices, leading to quick deterioration in macro stability and currency volatility, Morgan Stanley said.

Filling the physical gaps in India’s digital push

March 07, 2022 9:41 am

Non-tech elements like community engagement and governance are important to realise utility for digital platforms

War, weak GDP: Markets fall over 1%

March 03, 2022 1:17 am

The rupee, meanwhile, depreciated by 47 paise to close to 75.80 against the US currency as markets remained weak amid deepening geopolitical tensions and rising crude prices.

A roadmap for India’s natural farming ambitions

February 24, 2022 9:28 am

Abhishek Jain writes: Government should facilitate creation of support system to help farmers make the transition.

FM: Prepared to deal with US Fed move on monetary easing

February 07, 2022 7:18 am

In a post-Budget interaction with senior executives from Indian industry, Sitharaman said that the government would do everything to deal with these situations to ensure that the domestic economy does not suffer. She was speaking at an event organised by industry body Ficci.

Infra push has larger, lasting multiplier effect, will create demand, jobs: Economic Affairs Secretary

February 07, 2022 12:00 pm

There is a view that fiscal consolidation has been on the lower side and gross market borrowing is higher than expected. Could it crowd out private investment?


‘Think of it the other way, not about govt raiding RBI, but how RBI could have behaved differently’

June 22, 2020 6:07 pm

In this edition of the Idea Exchange, Former Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian talks about demonitisation, defends GST, explains the reasons why growth has not been robust and reflects back on his tenure as Chief Economic Adviser of India.