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Edith Windsor, who helped end gay marriage ban, dies at 88

"If it still feels this goofy joyous, I'd like us to spend the rest of our lives together.' And we did," Windsor said she told Spyer. Windsor was born in Philadelphia and moved to Manhattan in the early 1950s after a brief marriage to a man that ended after she told him she was gay.

Haiti Senate votes to ban gay marriage

Haiti's constitution established a secular republic but the country is marked by deep religious beliefs. "Although the state is secular, it is people of faith who are the majority," Latortue said, stressing the commonly held belief in Haiti that homosexuality is a Western practice only.


Judge overturns Montana's gay marriage ban

A federal judge in Montana on Wednesday overturned the state's gay marriage ban.

Court throws out gay marriage ban in California

Six American states,including the Washington capital district,allow gay couples to wed.

Obama halts federal defence of gay marriage ban

In the wake of two lawsuits challenging the Act,which has been in effect for 15 years,Obama concluded the law is 'unconstitutional.'

French court upholds gay marriage ban

Several of France's European Union fellow member states have legalised homosexual marriage.