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Celebrities shouldn't pretend like they have nothing to do with socio-political upheaval, says Garry Kasparov

Garry Kasparov dominated the chess board like none other in his time. Since retirement, he took up a challenge that was arguably bigger than anything he could have ever faced in his erstwhile career - taking on Vladimir Putin.

'Chess god' Garry Kasparov returns to compete 12 years later

Garry Kasparov utterly dominated the sport from 1985 to 2000. Since his withdrawal from a tournament in Linares, Spain in March 2005, the Russian's absence has left many chess fanatics feeling orphaned.


Garry Kasparov comes out of retirement for inaugural Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz Event

Garry Kasparov, will be competing in the tournament from August 14 to 19, 2017. The competition will feature six of the Grand Chess Tour players and four wildcard picks playing for a total prize fund of $150,000.

Lucky No. 13 for Viswanathan Anand

Survives Karjakin scare as draw in penultimate round sets up rematch against champion Carlsen later this year.

Viswanathan Anand - Falling into the trap

In games 5 & 6,Anand missed chances to steer play away from the endgame,Carlsen relishes.

Garry Kasparov arrives,hopes there will be some blood

In his chat with the local media,he stayed off the topic of his broken relationship with Anand.


Rewind,the way forward

Anand will turn 44 in a month's time & Carlsen,at 22,will become the youngest-ever world champion.

Carlsen favourite,but Anand has prepared harder than ever: Kasparov

Many gifted youngsters play impressive games; it was Carlsen’s will to win that set him apart.

Is a win for Magnus Carlsen a win for chess?

Kasparov's assertion reflects view of wider chess world that Norwegian’s marketability will help sport.

Kasparov to visit Chennai for 2 days

Kasparov's presence will obviously raise a few eyebrows as he is standing up against current FIDE administration in the next elections in 2014.