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Activist Sant Gopal Das on fast-unto-death for clean Ganga goes missing

According to the Dehradun police, Das was discharged from AIIMS Delhi on Tuesday and was admitted to the Dehradun-based Doon Hospital on Tuesday night by an associate, who the police and hospital administration did not name.

On cards: Coir logs to clean drains flowing into Ganga

Bioremediation is a technique that uses bacteria, fungi or other biological agents that work towards reducing toxins in the environment, in this case a polluted water body.


Israel to expand ties with Modi govt, offers help in Ganga clean-up

Israeli Ambassador Ushpiz expressed hope that political interactions between the two countries would reach new heights in the coming months.

Soon,a special body to help clean up Ganga

The state government is setting up a project management unit-cum-special purpose vehicle for the implementation and monitoring of projects to be undertaken under the National Ganga River Basin Authority,following recommendations from the World Bank.