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From archive photos to opinion columns to research articles, follow our extensive coverage of the Mahatma in his 150th birth anniversary.

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Mahatma Gandhi’s idea of the rich as trustees can make an effective, sustainable difference

Those of us who are privileged to be in leadership roles will realise that the power of position diminishes with time, whereas moral leadership endures.

Gandhi: Imagining the unimaginable

I am hoping against hope that we Indians will not one day export Gandhi without keeping a bit of him, the way we have exported Buddha from this land. But even then, like Buddha, Gandhi is alive and provides some light to those who seek. Those who do not seek are the losers.


The fearless dissenter who had a plan to make the countryside hum with life — that is the Gandhi India needs

Gandhi thought India’s independence would mean little unless it also meant the independence of every Indian.

Gandhi's critique of modernity shows millennials a more responsible consumption

Gandhi’s minimalism hopes to thus liberate the other, and in the process liberate one’s own self.

A special needs theatre group pays tribute to Gandhi on his 150th birth anniversary

The performers were special — battling autism, learning disability, intellectual disability and cerebral palsy.

For Gandhi, nationalism was based on understanding what was required for people to be free

He was not a socialist but, in common with the socialists, he believed that capitalism could never solve the problem of unemployment, and the mental dullness it produced.


Gandhism helped an ordinary writer like me find a way to handle a crisis

Having absorbed Gandhi in these ways, I believe it was what helped me in my hour of crisis. Gandhi showed me the merits of the path of forgiveness, solitude and silence.

Gandhi Kholi keeps Mahatma's memories alive in Sabarmati jail

Gandhi was brought to Sabarmati Central Jail as the British Raj decided to prosecute him. For 10 days, he was in the company of books, stationery and spinning wheel.

Thinking of going plastic-free? Here are some places you can seek inspiration from

Environment-friendly measures are being adopted by many institutions. Here's all you need to know.

Gandhi Jayanti: 'Best tribute is to follow principles of non-violence and communal harmony,' says Bengal CM

The CM pointed out that when the country was celebrating its Independence on August 15, 1947, Gandhiji was in Kolkata to protest against communal riots and had appealed for peace and harmony.

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India celebrates Gandhi Jayanti: PM Modi, President Kovind pay tribute to the Mahatma

School, colleges and institutes across the country will organise special events today and through the week to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of The Mahatma.

Remembering Mahatma Gandhi: Rare photos of the Father of the Nation

On Mahatma Gandhi's 150th birth anniversary, here is a look at his rare photos from Express Archives.


The house in Kolkata that hosted Gandhi is now a museum; see pics

In 1947, just as India was becoming independent, Mahatma Gandhi was quietly protesting the sectarian violence that had engulfed the nation. He had moved to Kolkata's Hyderi Manzil along with some of his followers. On his 150th birthday, the house has become a full-fledged museum.