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Scientists found six galaxies which suddenly fire up into quasars within months

Researchers at the University of Maryland saw six different galaxies that are usually quiet had fired up into active quasars in a matter of months.

Samsung plans to launch clamshell foldable phone in 2020: Report

Samsung is said to be developing a new foldable phone with a clamshell-design. The phone could look like Motorola's rumoured Razr-branded foldable phone.


The best compact smartphones of 2019 at every price

Best compact smartphones of 2019: Galaxy S10e to Redmi 6A, we've compiled a list of the best compact smartphones on the market.

Samsung Galaxy A80 first look: The first rotating pop-up camera is here

With the Galaxy A80, Samsung is introducing a triple camera setup, which can be used for clicking both selfies and rear photos, thanks to the rotating pop-up mechanism.

Samsung Developer Conference 2018: Everything you need to know

Samsung's annual developer conference 2018 was a big event with major announcements. Read to see all the details on a foldable smartphone, the all-new One UI based on Android 9 Pie and the future of Bixby.

Cosmic collision with 'Sausage' galaxy reshaped Milky Way

Scientists believe that a dwarf galaxy collided into the Milky Way over 10 billion years ago, and the impact scattered matter aroud the universe.


Samsung Gear S4 could launch as 'Galaxy Watch' with WearOS: Report

Samsung Gear S4 could launch as Galaxy Watch, which will be based on Google's WearOS.

Samsung Galaxy A6, A6+ with 'Infinity' displays, Android Oreo launched: Specifications, features

Samsung has launched the Galaxy A6 and A6+, the company's latest smartphones in its A-series.

Samsung Galaxy A6, A6+leaked specifications reveal Infinity display, FHD+ resolution

Both the Galaxy A6 and A6+ will be heavily inspired by the company's existing Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus. Samsung is due to launch the new phones in the A-series soon.

All galaxies spin like clockwork, rotate once every billion years: Study

Researchers have observed that galaxies also have fixed patterns of motion, as they expect younger stars to develop on the edge of galaxies.