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Thursday, October 28, 2021



Researchers discover 3 supermassive black holes merging together in nearby universe

August 27, 2021 2:31 pm

Many active galactic nuclei (AGN) pairs have been detected in the past, but triple AGN are extremely rare, and only a handful has been detected before using X-ray observations.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is not compatible with iOS

August 13, 2021 10:10 am

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Edition are not compatible with Apple's iOS. Here is everything you need to know.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021 tonight: How to watch live and what to expect

August 11, 2021 9:56 am

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021 is here! Watch Samsung unveil the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3, Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Buds 2.

Samsung starts pre-reserve for Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 in India ahead of global launch

August 06, 2021 4:15 pm

Users in India can now pre-reserve the upcoming Galaxy flagship by paying a token amount of Rs 2000 on Samsung India's e-Store or Samsung Shop App.  

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event set for August 11: Here is everything we know

August 09, 2021 2:11 pm

Samsung is set to host its Galaxy Unpacked event on August 11. Here is everything you should know.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE may be delayed due to chip shortage

July 06, 2021 8:51 am

There have been conflicting reports about the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. Here is everything you need to know.

NASA captures a stunning image of the spiral galaxy NGC 4680

June 15, 2021 5:10 pm

NASA has shared an image of the spiral galaxy NGC 4680 in all its glory. The image has been taken by the Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3.

Samsung Galaxy M32 India launch set for June 21; will sport 64MP camera

June 14, 2021 3:26 pm

Samsung is releasing its latest mid-range smartphone, the Galaxy M32 in India on June 21. Here is what we know.

Researchers find largest sample of giant radio galaxies in universe

September 11, 2020 11:22 pm

This is the first time such a large catalogue of GRGs has been made. Using this catalogue, several properties of GRGs have been studied, which has increased understanding of such objects manifold, Dabhade said.

Astronomers spot a Milky Way look-alike galaxy 12 billion light -years away

August 16, 2020 11:18 am

The extremely distant galaxy called SPT0418-47 is 12 billion light-years away from us. This means that the Milky Way galaxy look-alike that astronomers spotted was like this 12 billion years ago.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 First Look

April 17, 2014 12:07 pm