Gained in Translation

Gained in Translation is a fortnightly column in The Sunday Express. It is a window to conversations around us in languages other than English. These will be translations of pieces written exclusively for The Sunday Express. We begin with one by Perumal Murugan, in Tamil, on the lessons his students need to learn -- and unlearn.

Gained in Translation News

Gained In Translation: 34-year-old turns love of books into publishing Marathi translations of titles

Ashtekar, a Class X dropout from Nashik’s Ghoti village, fell in love with reading as he went about selling newspaper in trains: one of the many odd jobs he worked through his initial days.

Gained in Translation: Children of the sea goddess

The novel Korkai has shown that the consequence for those who do not move with the times to make changes in their lives, mindsets, approach to profession and way of life is their downfall.


Gained in Translation: Speaking of Ram

If we take the versions of Valmiki, Kamban, Kritibas and Tulsi, then at least two of those narratives unambiguously mention Ram heartily enjoying dishes prepared from animal meat, and there is also some mention of Sita consuming fermented drinks.

Gained in Translation: The relevance of Gandhi

I did not have to work hard to identify Gandhi as a leader who could have valiantly walked on the ashes of this history.

Gained in Translation: Spectator turning into onlooker

Contemporary theatre will pay a heavy price for this disdain towards the spectator, who should not be imagined as the end point of a supply chain but as the centre of the communication process.

Gained in Translation: Life lessons for my students

Why is it so difficult for doors to open for students pursuing their education in Tamil?