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G-7 ministers reveal 'clear differences' on Middle East

Foreign ministers from the Group of Seven nations have revealed stark divergences in views on the Middle East as they wrapped up a meeting in France.

A decisive moment

Trump is unravelling world order with energy of a maladjusted infant, could unseat Kim in tinpot tournament.


At G7 meet, Donald Trump threatened to send 25 million Mexicans to Japan

After pointing out that immigrants posed a big problem for Europe but not for Japan, he told the Japanese Prime Minister, "Shinzo, you don't have this problem, but I can send you 25 million Mexicans and you'll be out of office very soon."

Donald Trump accuses India of charging 100 per cent tariff on some imports

Under United States President Donald Trump, trade dispute between India and the US has increased, with his administration asking New Delhi to lower its trade barriers and open up its market.

Italy's anti-elite prime minister plays by rules at G7 club

"Overall an encouraging debut," said one European official as the G7 summit drew to a close and the Italian premier had not gone so far as to break the ranks of the European countries as feared by some.

G7 leaders set to clash with combative Trump over tariffs, trade

The confrontation threatens to rupture a body that during its 43-year history has traditionally sought to find consensus on the economy and other issues.


North Korea problem 'will be solved' : Donald Trump

The issue of North Korea, whose missile and nuclear tests have its neighbours and the wider world concerned, will be discussed in joint meetings with the other six heads of leading industrialised countries, Trump said.

G7 Summit: Japan PM expresses concerns over slowdowns in growth in emerging economies

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is sharing a push by the Group of Seven advanced industrial nations to promote inclusive growth across the globe in meetings with leaders of seven developing countries. The bilateral summit meetings with leaders of Bangladesh, Chad, Indonesia, Laos, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka and Vietnam in this central Japanese city […]

G7 summit: World leaders condemn North Korea's nuclear, ballistic missile tests

“Realising a world free of nuclear weapons is not easy. However, we share the strong will to move forward hand-in-hand,” the Guardian quoted Japanese PM Shinzo Abe as saying.

G7 summit: 'Global growth is urgent priority', say world leaders

The G7 also called large-scale immigration and migration a major challenge and vowed to increase global aid for the immediate and long-term needs of refugees and displaced people.