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Five smart design options to make optimum use of space in your home

In a smart home, every single piece of furniture has a practical use, every colour tone is from a particular palette and every nook and cranny is carefully thought of.

Shop within a budget: Head to these interesting local markets for beautiful vintage furniture

From Victorian lampshades & Portuguese paintings to sleek western sofas, you are going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to buying furniture in these local markets.


Things to check before buying home furniture online

Here's a list of things you must consider before you make random online purchases of furniture during this festive season. Read the instructions online, follow the product description and know the shipping charges before buying home furniture online, say experts.

Tips to keep your furniture ready for this monsoon

With the monsoons right around the corner experts suggest tips and tricks to keep furniture ready for the season. Protective layers should be added to heavy furniture, hot things shouldn't be placed directly on it and it should be exposed to dry air.

Here is checklist for renting furniture online

Experts suggest some steps to follow when renting furniture online, this helps one to use it without having to buy and spend a hefty amount on it. Ensuring the site is reliable and reading the terms and conditions are a few of the steps to follow.

Lost in the shuffle: Chandigarh UT still has no plan to save its heritage furniture

The city’s creators designed several pieces of furniture that found its way out of Chandigarh and fetched high prices at auction houses abroad.


Furniture, fitness, fashion most searched items online in 2014

Furniture, fitness and fashion items attracted online shoppers most in the year that is ending, reveals a report.

All Set To Go

The first-of-its-kind film studio can accommodate most indoor shooting needs within Pune.

Delay hits Afghan House project again,now it's furniture

Afghan authorities refused to accept the building without furniture that the CPWD started looking for options

Get on Board

Sidetracked as being “not so durable”,these are finally “on board”. Now being moulded and remoulded into swanky cupboards,dining tables and dressers these are giving stiff competition to conventional wood.