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Independence Day Special: Mouth and foot painting artists and their unique take on democracy

The artwork by foot and mouth painting artists shows how people from diverse backgrounds come together to champion a better future.

Rain Crust

'I want to be free of climate, of weather...'


SC verdict in Priyanka Sharma's case is a classic example of the half loaf of freedom

When India became independent, Indians did not win freedom. The ruling class changed colour but the accents remained pucca. The punitive laws passed by the British were preserved just in case the natives revolt.

Dissent and freedom in India: Full text of Amartya Sen's lecture

We have a tradition of tolerance and plurality. But we — and the courts — have to work hard to preserve it

For Mumbra girls, it’s F for Football, F for Freedom

In Muslim-dominated Mumbra, she fears none, including the clerics, but it's different when it comes to her three elder brothers at home.

Of freedom and struggles

Sixty seven years of freedom, both limited and unlimited have been showcased rather faithfully in Hindi films, warts and all


Freedom to act

Young Tiger Shroff, with the successful Heropanti behind him, would like to have the freedom to control over how he is projected in his films

The significance of freedom

15th August is of great importance for it marks the end of the imperialism and colonialism in India.

World View

It’s great to live in an independent country,a democracy,but it’s also important to understand that with great freedom comes great responsibility

'Freedom' is like 'Dil Chahta Hai' meeting 'Deewar',says 'Hate Story' director

<i>Freedom</i>,a political thriller,is set in different periods from 1984 to 2000.

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'No easy walk to freedom', says Sanjay Dutt

Pune, Feb 25 (ANI): Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt who walked free from the Yerawada jail on Thursday morning said there is no easy walk to freedom. He also praised his fans and said that he is there because of the support of his fans. Dutt, who served 42 months under the Arms Act in the 1993 Bombay blast case, kissed the ground and saluted the Yerawada jail and policemen standing outside before moving out of the main gate. His wife Manyata Dutt and filmmaker Raj Kumar Hirani were present to receive him. Dutt waived hands at the fans waiting outside the jail complex. The 56-year-old actor went to Pune airport and is likely to board a chartered plane for Mumbai. Dutt will offer obeisance at the famous Siddhivinayak temple in.