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Finland Ambassador Nina Vaskunlahti interview: ‘Don’t complicate Make in India for us; protectionism doesn’t help in the long run’

Finland Ambassador in India Nina Vaskunlahti said that India-Nordic Summit should help create conditions to boost business relations among India and the Nordic countries.

PM leaves on four-day visit to Brunei,Indonesia

PM to attend ASEAN summit in Brunei and hold talks on crucial bilateral and regional issues.


India to set up separate ASEAN Mission; FTA by year-end: PM

PM said India seeks to foster a climate that is conducive to stability,and security in our region.

Asean: FTA won’t harm domestic agriculture

The items placed in the negative list include vegetables,fruits/ nuts,spices,cereals/ grains,oilseeds/oil,natural rubber and tobacco.

CEPA with Malaysia,Japan likely next month: Sharma

India is likely to sign Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements (CEPA) with Japan and Malaysia.

India,south African nations set to sign preferential pact

We both are pushing it very hard and want to complete it at least by the middle of the year.