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France creates new counter-terrorism task force in wake of recent attacks

Emmanuel Macron, portrayed by rivals as weak on security during the presidential campaign, last month instructed the task force be created to bring together France's multiple security agencies.

Paris to Moscow

Post-13/11 unity among major powers is welcome. But Iran and Saudi Arabia must reconcile if the IS is to be defeated.


Paris attacks: On this Paris pavement, the remains of that Friday night

Thousands of Paris residents have been gathering at the historic Republique square to signal that the country hasn't been cowed by Friday night's attacks.

The silence of corpses

Blasphemy isn’t, as multiculturalists assert, meaningless rovocation. Instead, it’s critical to human progress

Anonymous burial for 1 of 3 terrorists behind France attacks

Antoine Flasaquier, a lawyer for Kouachi's widow, said the burial took place overnight "in the greatest discretion and dignity."

Hollande reassures Muslims, Islamists hack French websites

French Muslims have reported dozens of attacks on mosques since Islamist gunmen targeted Charlie Hebdo last week.


The delicate idea of France

France couldn’t save ‘Charlie Hebdo’ killers as they refused to live it.

French probe into kosher supermarket attacker moving forward

A gun used in the supermarket attack has also been tied to bullets that seriously injured a jogger Wednesday night.

Paris unity march: World leaders honour Charlie Hebdo attack victims

The protesters converged in Paris protesting the attack on Charlie Hebdo headquarters.

Prosecutor's office: 5 detained over Paris attacks freed

The gunmen who carried out the attacks all died after standoffs with police.